Without Attending School, How can I Obtain a CDL in Texas?

To ensure that you are qualified to operate a commercial vehicle, you must complete many requirements after deciding to obtain your CDL. Before being allowed to drive on public roads, CDL holders must complete a three-part skills exam since they are subject to more significant requirements than other drivers (more on this later).

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New minimal training requirements are now required of prospective CDL holders. The FMCSA said on February 7, 2022, that before taking their skills exam, drivers wishing to apply for a Class A or Class B CDL for the first time must finish the entry-level driver training (ELDT) course with an approved training provider.

By requiring basic skills training for all applicants seeking a CDL, this new rule levels the playing field for truck drivers regarding the knowledge necessary to enter the sector. Current CDL holders and those who obtained a commercial learner’s permit (CLP) before February 7 of this year are exempt from the regulation; however, anyone wishing to convert from a Class B to a Class A CDL will also be impacted.

Before completing knowledge and skills examinations, entry-level drivers must now satisfactorily complete a program of theory and practical training according to the new standards. A driver’s selected program must be on the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry.

What is the ELDT?

Let’s examine the standards for Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) in more detail and consider the implications for prospective truck drivers. Starting on February 7, 2022, candidates must complete entry-level driver instruction from a training provider listed on the instruction Provider Registry to be eligible to take the CDL skills and knowledge exams.

Every Driver Resource Center network school satisfies the necessary standards and is registered as a training provider with the FMCSA. For schools or training programs to be included in the FMCSA’s new Training Provider Registry, they must fulfill particular curriculum and facility standards.

Comprising 19 behind-the-wheel (BTW) road and range competencies and 31 theoretical subjects. Students are, therefore, required to receive a minimum of 80% overall on their academic tests. To finish this program, students must also master every area of the BTW public road and range curriculum.

What are the Advantages of Going to A Private CDL School?

The advantages of attending a private CDL school are numerous. The instruction and practical experience required to pass the CDL exam and succeed as a truck driver are provided by CDL schools.

  • Excellent teaching delivered by knowledgeable teachers that satisfies the new FMCSA ELTD regulations.
  • Deciding which employment and trucking firm best suits your needs.
  • The capacity to use funds from the federal and state governments to pay for tuition
    help with job placement so that after receiving your CDL, you may work as a truck driver.
  • More tremendous success in landing a job with larger employers who demand a certain amount of training hours. For the best new drivers, carriers turn to the finest schools in the business.
  • Make sure the truck driving school you select is on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry if you’re looking for one. This will guarantee that you are acquiring the skills required to operate a commercial vehicle safely and pass your CDL exam and that you are finishing the essential training program.

Is Obtaining a CDL Difficult?

While not difficult, getting a CDL does need practice and patience. Similar to learning anything new, you can initially find it difficult. On the other hand, you will have knowledgeable teachers to assist you if you enroll in a Driver Resource Center network school. Practice is essential to earning your CDL. Ensure you arrive at class promptly, put in much study time, and utilize practical instruction. Students may usually earn their CDL in four weeks.

However, we provide free further training since we recognize that everyone learns at a different pace. Obtaining your CDL is simple, provided you have a strong work ethic and a positive outlook. Many students regard the Alley Dock and Pre-Trip Inspection as the most challenging components of CDL training. But with practice, you may become an expert at them.

How to Get Your CDL?

The best approach to obtain a CDL is to enroll in a Driver Resource Center network school, particularly in light of the impending ELTD regulations. A career expert will guide you through the process when you phone or apply to DRC. Additionally, they will be qualified to suggest scholarships and tuition aid schemes. We aim to obtain a CDL for you for minimal or no initial expense.

ELDT CDL training programs must be finished in person at the training facility. Regretfully, obtaining a CDL online is not feasible. We’ll then review the prerequisites, including age and driver’s license. To get a CDL, a standard driver’s license is required.


  • Proficiency in fulfilling all ELDT criteria from a program listed on the FMCSA Training Provider Registry
    ace the necessary knowledge and competence exam.
  • Before taking the CDL exam, obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit and hold it for at least 14 days. (Permission is not needed for enrollment. As part of the course, we will assist you in obtaining your permission.) To receive your CDLP, you must Pass the written knowledge exam.
  • Give one proof of lawful residence in the United States.
  • Send in an evaluation of your driving history.
  • Show a valid certificate from the medical examiner.
  • Currently valid driver’s license in the state where you want to receive certification
  • Have attained the age of eighteen

Comprehending the new federal standards is critical if you plan to obtain your CDL. Ensure you understand the process of getting your CDL and the steps required to comply with the new ELDT regulations. Thus, enrolling in a Driver Resource Center network school would be advisable if you’re interested in a career as a truck driver. In this manner, you can ensure you fulfill all the prerequisites and are ready for the road.

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