William Bill Post Dies: Pop-Tarts Inventor Passed Away at Age 96

The creator of the pop tart, William Bill Post, passed away at 96. He left behind a legacy across the world. The Post died on February 10, 2024. Along with co-creator Bill LaMothe, his inventive morning pastry provided happiness to millions worldwide, significantly contributing to the culinary world.

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William Bill Post: Who was He?

William Bill Post, who died on February 10, 2024, at 96, is credited with creating the Pop-Tart, one of the most well-known and beloved breakfast foods worldwide.

In addition, he was a loving husband, father, grandpa, and great-grandfather who took pleasure in traveling, fishing, and golfing. On July 4, 1927, William Bill Post was born to Dutch immigrants John and Anna Post in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Growing up amid the Great Depression, he understood the importance of tenacity and hard work.

After completing his education at Union High School in 1945, Post enlisted in the American Army during World War II. After that, he studied at Michigan State University, where, in 1950, he graduated with a degree in food technology.

1948, William Bill Post wed Dorothy “Dottie” Post, his high school love. Before she passed away in 2023, they were married for 75 years. David, Susan, Robert, and William Jr. were their four children. In addition, they had 14 great-grandchildren and 11 grandkids.

Post was a devoted and kind father, grandpa, great-grandfather, and spouse who loved and supported his family. He also made time for them. He was involved in his community and had a large number of friends. He belonged to the First United Methodist Church, the Grand Rapids Rotary Club, and the Cascade Hills Country Club.

William Bill Post Pop-Tarts:

William Bill Post started his professional life as a factory manager at the Hekman Biscuit Company, a local baker who later became a Keebler. The large cereal company Kellogg’s asked him to assist in developing a new product in 1964: a toaster pastry with fruit filling. Toastettes, a British delicacy, inspired the idea, but Post overcame several obstacles to make it work.

He had to figure out how to put the icing on that wouldn’t melt in the toaster, seal the sides, stop the filling from leaking, and add a second layer of dough. He also had to contend with the doubts of his friends and coworkers, who questioned the product’s viability. Post completed the Pop-Tart prototype in four months with the assistance of his family, who acted as taste testers, and his crew.

Initially referring to the product as “fruit scones,” he eventually renamed it Pop-Tarts in honor of the Pop Art movement. The initial tastes were strawberry, blueberry, apple currant, and brown sugar cinnamon.

1964, the product underwent testing in Cleveland, Ohio, and was promptly sold out. In 1965, it was then released nationally and quickly gained popularity.

With yearly sales of over $1 billion in the United States alone, Pop-Tarts quickly rose to the top of Kellogg’s list of best-selling items. Millions of people worldwide adore Pop-Tarts, available in over 30 flavors today. Post was employed at Kellogg’s until he retired in 1992. He contributed to creating several additional treats, including Rice Krispies Treats, Eggo waffles, and Nutri-Grain bars.

Along with being a leader and mentor, he inspired a lot of individuals with his enthusiasm and inventiveness. He was honored with several accolades and recognitions for his services to the food business, including the Grand Rapids Business Hall of Fame induction, the Michigan State University Distinguished Alumni Award, and the Kellogg’s President’s Award.

William Bill Post Net Worth:

Although William Post’s exact net worth is unknown, it is believed that his work at Kellogg’s and the royalties he received from the Pop-Tart contributed significantly to his wealth. In addition, he made real estate and other commercial investments.

He gave to several causes, including the arts, health, and education, since he was kind. Additionally, he founded the Michigan State University William and Dorothy Post Endowed Scholarship, which provides funding to students seeking degrees in human nutrition and food science.

William Post was a remarkable individual who significantly contributed to the food industry and beyond. He created the popular Pop-Tart, a snack millions have enjoyed and found convenient for over 60 years. In addition, he was a loving husband and father, a well-liked leader, a giving philanthropist, and an optimistic influence.

His admirers, coworkers, friends, and family will greatly miss him. Along with several other family members and friends, he leaves behind four children, eleven grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren.

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