Who is Thorsten Wiemeyer Wife? How Did Thorsten Wiemeyer Wife Die?

Thorsten Wiemeyer Wife:- Thorsten Wiemeyer was a talented German economist, author, and professor. He made big contributions to areas like social theory, institutional economics, and cultural evolution. Besides, he was incredibly brave and strong. Even though he fought a rare and aggressive type of cancer for over ten years, he never lost his optimism, humor, or wisdom. 

How Did Thorsten Wiemeyer Wife Die?

Thorsten Wiemeyer was born on April 1, 1977 in Bremen, Germany. Thorsten Wiemeyer died at the age of 46. His ethnicity was German. Thorsten Wiemeyer’s parents were both teachers. He had a sister who is a journalist.

Thorsten Wiemeyer did his sudies at Gymnasium Horn, a prestigious high school in Bremen and University of Bonn.

Thorsten Wiemeyer died on 8 February 2024, at the age of 46 in Berkeley, California. Thorsten Wiemeyer cause of death was Colon cancer.

Who is Thorsten Wiemeyer Wife?

Thorsten Wiemeyer was a married man. Thorsten Wiemeyer wife’s name is unavailable. Thorsten Wiemeyer met his wife in 2005 at a conference in Berlin, where they were both speakers.

Thorsten Wiemeyer’s wife was a Swedish journalist and author. She covering global issues and human stories. After met, they fell in lobe and married in 2006 in a small ceremony in Bremen. The couple had two children.

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