What is Known About Andrea Stella’s Wife, and Who is She?

The McLaren Formula One team employs renowned Italian racing director and engineer Andrea Stella. Since joining the sport in 2000, he has collaborated with some of the world’s top drivers, including Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Fernando Alonso.

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Who is Andrea Stella?

Andrea Stella recently made news when she was given a promotion to McLaren Team Principal. Stella served as Racing Director at the Woking-based squad before Andreas Seidl’s departure. Having been a part of the F1 paddock since 2000, the Italian is well-liked within the industry. In 2023, Andrea will take the helm of McLaren and begin a new chapter in his career.

2000 Stella started working for Scuderia Ferrari as the testing team’s performance engineer. Later on, nevertheless, Andrea was employed by Michael Schumacher and, subsequently, Kimi Raikkonen as their performance engineer. Following this, the 51-year-old started working for Raikkonen as a race engineer before moving on to Fernando Alonso. Stella switched to McLaren with Alonso.

Subsequently, Andrea advanced through the ranks of Woking, beginning as Head of Racing Operations. Stella will have a lot on his plate in 2023 as he continues Andreas Seidl’s efforts to get McLaren back into the running for the championship. Observing how the collaboration progresses would be intriguing, especially since Zak Brown has demonstrated his faith in the Italian engineer.

Andrea Stella Net Worth:

Stella has led a secluded life; thus, nothing is known about his wealth. However, Stella’s estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. Andrea’s net worth is said to have soared dramatically since he was appointed McLaren’s Racing Director. The team highly respected Stella’s experience.

By 2023, Stella’s net worth will have increased considerably due to his appointment to Team Principal. Therefore, this sum will adjust in the upcoming years to represent the amount Stella deserves. Many people had anticipated that Stella would start earning seven figures in 2023.

Andrea Stella F1 Salary:

Leading a Formula 1 team is undoubtedly advantageous. Since Formula One is a billion-dollar sport, teams are not hesitant to invest millions in essential players. Stella will thus receive a sizable pay increase and be elevated to Team Principal. After allegedly earning $2 million at Woking, Andreas Seidl is expected to earn up to $5 million the following season.

This substantial amount demonstrates Stella’s worth at McLaren. Andrea has contributed to the team’s recent achievements and worked hard. Stella’s pay is reportedly on pace with other employees, such as Andreas Seidl and Frederic Vasseur, who have taken on new roles. Still, this sum is less than that of Christian Horner or Toto Wolff.


For advertising, Formula 1 is a sport. The celebrities’ millions of dollars from brand endorsements are not shocking. On the other hand, Stella’s situation remains unknown. Stella’s sponsorships and commercial partnerships are unknown since the Italian has been quiet in the F1 paddock. Andrea will undoubtedly get some rich contracts as the next McLaren leader.

Andrea Stella Wife:

Francesca is the name of Andrea Stella’s spouse. She is from an affluent family and is also Italian. She first met Andrea at the University of Bologna when they were both engineering students. 2004 saw their marriage after they fell in love.

A son and a girl are the offspring of Andrea and Francesca. Sofia is their daughter, and Leonardo is their son. They both attend an esteemed international school in England and are in their teens. They frequently go to the races with their father since they love motorsports.

Francesca recognizes the rigors and difficulties of working in Formula One and greatly supports Andrea’s job. She goes with him to most races and keeps him when he needs it. She helps him and his squad and is also his most enormous admirer.

In addition to being a loving mother and wife, Francesca is also a kind giver. She participates with several nonprofits and charity causes, particularly those that support youth and education. She supports both the Make-A-Wish Foundation and UNICEF. She also supports several grants and scholarships for young students and engineers.

Francesca is Missing:

Regretfully, Francesca vanished on February 15, 2024. Her last known location was when she left her Surrey, England, house to shop. When she failed to return, her automobile was abandoned in a neighboring parking lot. No signs of a robbery or scuffle could be seen.

In addition to launching a thorough search, the police have asked for any information or leads from the general public. In addition, Andrea has begged for his wife’s safe return and promised a £1 million reward for any information that leads to her whereabouts.

The world of Formula One has shown astonishment and support for Andrea and his family. Several drivers, teams, and fans have shared encouragement and supplication on social media. The possibility of discovering Francesca alive is dwindling as the mystery surrounding her abduction remains unexplained.

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