What are the TExES Exams? How do you register for the TExES Examinations?

The Texas Examinations for Educator Standards (TExES) are overseen by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The TEA switched to a new registration system on September 1, 2018, which Pearson manages. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) system is being replaced by this one, and to register for TExES exams, you must first create an account on this new system.

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What Are the TExES Exams?

A person must pass the TExES examinations to be certified to teach in Texas. These tests are created by professional educator groups, community members, and educators in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education. Core and particular topic exams are among these K -12 grade assessments.

In addition, there are tests for bilingual education, special education, and English as a second language (ESL). To become a certified teacher in Texas, one must pass the TExES Pedagogy and Expert Responsibilities EC-12 test. To sit for the exam, you must pass it. Depending on your program or organization, you might need to take multiple TExES exams.

Registration for the TExES Exam:

Registering for the test is a necessary first step in earning TExES Teacher Certification. You can start the TExES exam registration procedure as soon as you find out which exams are required for your particular certification from your program or organization. Before registering, ensure a testing date will enable you to report your TExES scores on time, acquaint yourself with the exam(s) you plan to take, review study resources, and review rules/policies.

How to Register for the TExES Exams?

Registering for a TExES test is as easy as following these four steps once you have finished your pre-registration study and determined which examinations are required:

  • Register for a Texas Education Agency online account. A TEA ID will be sent to you when you have created your account. This ID is significant and has to be preserved in your files.
  • Visit the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website to create an online Pearson account. This account creation process will ask for your TEA ID. You may register for, reschedule, and view score information for the TExES tests on this website.
  • Make an exam appointment. Based on the exam’s name and code, you will choose it, confirm that you are authorized to take it, respond to any background inquiries, and finish the necessary paperwork for alternative testing arrangements, such as those for physical, learning, or cognitive difficulties. You will have 170 days from registering for the exam to make an appointment to take it.
  • Make an appointment for the test. This isn’t the same as signing up for an exam; this is just booking your time slot for a specific day and time. On the TExES website, you may use the seat availability feature to choose the time, day, and place that work best for you.

Accommodations for testing are offered to anyone with verified cognitive, learning, or physical disability. Wheelchair accessibility, comfort aids, visual improvement features, and pauses for taking medicine or using the toilet will be provided at all TExES test sites. These can be approved without first being requested. Any further accommodations must be submitted to the TEA with the Alternative Testing Arrangements Request Form for approval. To give your request enough time to be completed, please register for the exam as soon as possible.

Most of the time, you must also present up-to-date records from a licensed practitioner explaining why you want testing accommodations. It would help if you postponed making your exam appointment until after you’ve been informed of the outcome of your request.

Fees for TExES Tests:

The majority of TExES tests have a $116 exam fee. Test codes 801–809 incur a $58 charge. We do not accept payments made with checks or cash. The validity of your registration is for 170 days from the date of issuance. You won’t receive a refund if you don’t schedule the exam within this window, and your registration expires.

$11 of your TExES exam testing costs will be waived if you are a veteran, active-duty military member, or active-duty military spouse. You must apply in writing to TEA for this waiver, providing your TEA ID, the last four digits of your social security number, and copies of your state-issued and military identification cards.

You must also turn in your marriage license if you are a spouse. You must attach your DD-214 certification if you are a veteran.

Cancel the TExES Exam:

Following your enrollment for the TExES exam, you will have 170 days to book an exam time and take the test. When you register for the exam, you may choose a time to make your testing session. Forty-eight hours before the planned appointment, a TExES testing date may be canceled or rescheduled. There are no extra fees associated with rescheduling an exam, and you will have the option to choose a new testing day.

If you drop the test, you will get your exam registration money back, less $25. The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website allows you to reschedule and withdraw using your online Pearson account. If you registered for your exam using funds provided by Texas.gov, you will not get a refund upon withdrawal.

When Will the TExES Exam Results Be Available?

If you choose this option while registering, you should expect to get an email with your test results on the dates of the TExES score report. Your exam results will also be available on your Pearson account at 10:00 p.m. Central Time on the exam day. You should receive your results from exclusively selected-response (multiple choice) tests within 7–10 business days. Exams with constructed response (essay) questions may take longer to score since your answers will be graded by one or more experts in the area.

The Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website has a score report date feature that allows you to enter the exam date and view the approximate timeframe within which your results will be accessible.

If you took a recently prepared or amended exam or had issues with your registration or payment, your results might not be available immediately. If you do not have the necessary authorization to take the exam or do not pay for it, your scores will be nullified.

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