VickiAnn Owens Died. A Citizen of Philadelphia is No More.

VickiAnn Owens, a beloved member of the Philadelphia community, has died. VickiAnn is remembered for her unrelenting dedication to her community and compassionate nature, leaving behind a remarkable legacy that will be forever treasured.

VickiAnn Owens Died:

VickiAnn Owens died, leaving a loss in the hearts of all touched by her compassion and dedication. She was more than a Senior Customer Specialist; she was a Wolters Kluwer/C T Corporation System pillar, representing a life of mission and empathy. VickiAnn, born and raised in Philadelphia, dedicated her life to serving others and positively impacting those around her. Her death has tremendously upset the community as they mourn the loss of a valued citizen whose memory will be greatly mourned.

Obituary to VickiAnn Owens:

As we remember VickiAnn Owens, may she rest in eternal peace, knowing she was genuinely loved and will be missed by everyone. VickiAnn Owens’ death highly grieves the city of Philadelphia. Her death has left a vacuum that cannot be replaced since she was a source of hope and inspiration to everyone she met. We gather together in sadness, finding comfort in our shared memories and affection for her. Though the agony of her passing can sometimes be overpowering, we find consolation in knowing that we are not alone in our grief. We support one another, finding strength in our shared grief and knowing that VickiAnn’s love remains constant with us.

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