Twenty-year-old Victor De Moura-Pereira of Framingham Escapes

Following a search on Monday night, an escaped prisoner was returned to Waltham’s custody. Victor De Moura-Pereira, 20, of Framingham, escaped from a Plymouth County Sheriff’s transport truck on I-95 South at Exit 41 at around 6 p.m., according to State Police.

Victor De Moura-Pereira, 20, of Framingham Escapes1

Victor De Moura-Pereira, 20, of Framingham Escapes:

Authorities in Massachusetts have reported that a prisoner who escaped while being carried on Interstate 95/Route 128 is back in custody. Victor De Moura-Pereira, 20, of Framingham, was taken into custody by Framingham police on Sunday on many charges of assault and battery on a police officer, according to Massachusetts State Police authorities.

The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department notified state police at around 6 p.m. on Monday that De Moura-Pereira had escaped from a transport van on I-95 South just before Exit 41 in Waltham.

The prisoner broke out amid a severe traffic jam on I-95 South due to an emergency road repair, according to the timetable released by state police. Throughout the evening rush hour, the right two traffic lanes were blocked while workers attempted to patch a large hole in the bridge deck close to Exit 41, the Route 20 exit. Among the state police resources enlisted to help in the hunt for De Moura-Pereira was the MSP Air Wing Unit.

Waltham Police Department Statement:

According to the Waltham Police Department, its officers assisted in the hunt for the escaped prisoner by going to the vicinity of I-95 South and Bear Hill Road. The Waltham Police Department and the Massachusetts State Police have released information indicating that De Moura-Pereira was brought into custody close to the junction of Second Avenue and Bear Hill Road in Waltham.

Sam, a male, said that he came into the escaped prisoner while working on his van in the MSPCA-Angell West parking lot at 293 Second Ave. in Waltham. “I asked, ‘Can I get in your truck?'” as soon as I noticed that he was handcuffed and had a chain around his waist. Please let me into your van. or a similar idea. ‘No, I’m not assisting you,’ I said. “I’m not assisting you,” Sam said.

Sam claimed that after that, De Moura-Pereira asked him for a cigarette, so he was kept busy long enough for the police to arrive at the parking lot. All I did was try to remain composed. “Hey, man, I’m not helping you,” I said. I’ll aid you with nothing else, but you may have a smoke.” stated Sam. “I’m happy I was of assistance. I just followed the proper course of action.”

According to state police, De Moura-Pereira has been placed under the custody of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and that organization has issued a detainer for him. How De Moura-Pereira exited the Plymouth County Sheriff’s Department car is still a mystery.

According to the Framingham police, De Moura-Pereira continued to elude two officers on patrol in the downtown area, including around Hollis and Irving streets, just before 10:45 a.m. on Sunday. After that, the cops checked for outstanding warrants and found De Moura-Pereira’s arrest warrant.

Then, according to the police, De Moura-Pereira bolted when the Framingham officers tried to stop him to put him under custody. De Moura-Pereira, according to the police, was apprehended next to the CAP auto parts business at the junction of Hollis Court and Waverly Street. When they tried to detain him, he battled ferociously with many police officers, but he was eventually put into jail.

While attempting to apprehend De Moura-Pereira, one of the Framingham police officers had a minor hand injury, according to the police. After receiving care at MetroWest Medical Center, he was let go.

According to the Framingham police, De Moura-Pereira was charged with disorderly behavior, resisting arrest, and unspecified crimes on the first arrest warrant.

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