Tornado alert for 55 million across the region of US

Tornadoes are the powerful storms that are likely to be experienced by the residents of Detroit, Chicago, and Indianapolis on Tuesday. As reported by the Fox weather bulletin, over 54 million individuals were under severe weather watch.

Meteorologists have warned about the causes of tornadoes, large hail, and destructive wind gusts, which would be seen along the thunderstorms expected to form until Tuesday night. These hazards loom over regions spanning from eastern Missouri to Ohio and southern Michigan.

Approximately 55 million individuals residing in northeastern Arkansas to the Ohio Valley and southern Great Lakes region face the threat of severe thunderstorms commencing late Tuesday afternoon. NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has designated over 38 million people within a Level 2 out of 5 on its 5-point scale measuring the risk of severe thunderstorms, as the report said.

Millions of Americans across the US Midwest, East Coast, and South are expected to enjoy a second day of weather more typical of June than February on Tuesday, after which they would experience a powerful cold front that brings back winter with a vengeance.

Summer-like temperatures ranging up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit above normal were forecast, setting the stage for a second record-breaking day in a row in some spots. In Texas, temperatures were expected to top 80 degrees F (27 degrees Celsius) after hovering at about 94 degrees F (34 C) in Dallas and other cities on Monday, the National Weather Service said.

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