Tom Suozzi Responds with a Single Word Regarding His Intentions to Seek President Biden’s Endorsement in House Race

In the upcoming February 13 special election for a hotly contested House seat, Democrat Tom Suozzi unequivocally declared that he will not be seeking President Biden’s endorsement. Responding with a succinct “no” when asked about the possibility during a Dim Sum meet-and-greet at the Canton Manor on Northern Boulevard in Bayside, Suozzi emphasized the localized nature of the race against Republican Mazi Pilp, who aims to replace the ousted George Santos.

“This is very much a local race. This is me versus Mazi Pilip. And as far as the other statewide and national figures, that’s not what this race is about,” Suozzi emphasized, highlighting the grassroots focus of his campaign. He reaffirmed his allegiance to the Democratic Party, expressing support for Biden and the Democratic nominee, without pursuing high-profile endorsements.

Suozzi’s detachment from fellow Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul was also evident when he tersely declined the possibility of her joining him on the campaign trail, despite their past rivalry in the 2022 gubernatorial primary. A recent Emerson College Pix 11 poll revealed that both Biden and Hochul face disapproval in the Third Congressional district, covering Nassau County and Eastern Queens, with only a third of voters approving of Biden and just a quarter supporting Hochul.

On the Republican side, Mazi Pilip’s campaign revealed that they had not sought an endorsement from former President Donald Trump, a controversial figure in the battleground district. Pilip, focused on running on her own merits, emphasized her campaign’s confidence in resonating with voters through key messages such as secure borders, public safety, and restoring the SALT deduction.

The Asian vote is expected to play a pivotal role in the district, particularly in neighborhoods with significant Korean and Chinese populations. Suozzi strategically distanced himself from Biden and Hochul but embraced the support of Rep. Grace Meng, the first Asian American elected to Congress in New York, who has been actively campaigning alongside him. Recognizing the importance of the Asian American community, Suozzi spoke passionately in Chinese at a restaurant event, highlighting the significance of their support.

While Suozzi and Pilip both participated in a morning event focused on a humanitarian cause, “Run for Their Lives,” at the Mid-Island Jewish Community Center in Plainview, Pilip’s campaign reported her engagement in multiple fundraising events later in the day. The race remains highly dynamic, with candidates strategically navigating endorsements, public sentiment, and the diverse demographics of the district.