Sunil Koneru Obituary: DCL Member Sunil Koneru Passed Away in a Car Accident in Plano, Dallas, Texas.

Sunil Koneru was a cherished Dallas Cricket League (DCL) member and a beloved part of the community. The DCL and the city of Plano, Texas, are in grief over his unexpected death. This dedicated cricket player met an untimely end to his life in the early hours of February 10, 2024, due to a horrific vehicle accident that caused shockwaves.

Sunil Koneru: Who was He?

Sunil Koneru, a Plano, Texas native, was cherished as a husband, father, friend, coworker, and gifted cricket player. He was a member of the DCL King Cobras squad and was well-known for his love of the game and his team spirit both on and off the field. Sunil was liked by everyone who knew him because of his kind smile, amiable disposition, and readiness to assist others.

How did Sunil Koneru End Up?

At the crossroads of I35 and 121, a reckless motorist caused a head-on accident that resulted in sad circumstances early in the morning. Sunil was killed in the horrific tragedy, leaving a bereaved family, broken friends, and a cricket league reeling from the loss of one of its own.

Sunil’s life was sadly cut short by an automobile accident brought on by someone else’s reckless driving. Driving responsibly and safely is very important because of the occurrence of a head-on collision.

Sunil Koneru Obituary:

We honor Sunil Koneru’s life and accomplishments while simultaneously grieving his passing. His influence on the cricket field was immense, and those who had the honor of knowing him will mourn his loss greatly. Sunil was a beloved friend to many and a source of strength for his family. His influence lives on in the hearts of everybody he touched, even off the cricket pitch.

He was a player with the King Cobras. He lost his life in an accident that happened early this morning near the junction of I35 and 121 as a result of the other driver’s irresponsible behavior. His wife and two boys, ages sixteen and thirteen, survive him. We send the family our sincere sympathies. We hope the family finds the fortitude to get through this challenging grief. Please remember Sunil and his family in your prayers, as we ask the DCL family to do.


In addition to Sunil’s family and friends, the DCL community is currently faced with the challenge of grieving Sunil’s passing while promoting safer driving behaviors in the neighborhood. Sunil Koneru was a wonderful friend, teammate, and fellow cricketer. As the DCL community grieves his passing, his spirit will surely endure in the memories and the lasting impression he had on everyone he came into contact with.

During difficult circumstances, a community’s resilience is frequently demonstrated by its ability to assist and empathize with one another. The DCL, renowned for its close relationships and passion for the game, has sent Sunil’s bereaved family their sympathies, support, and help. We are reminded to treasure the time spent with loved ones and to greet each day with thankfulness and purpose as we remember Sunil. Peace be with you, Sunil Koneru. Your generosity still motivates all of us.

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