Stephanie McEvoy Obituary: Sudden Death of A Beloved Mother from Newry

We share the news of Stephanie McEvoy’s unexpected and abrupt death with heavy hearts. Stephanie was a cherished mother from Newry, Northern Ireland, UK. Those who knew and loved Stephanie have been deeply affected by her sudden departure from a community impacted by her presence. We pause to consider the life of a cherished person whose memory will surely live on in the hearts of family, friends, and the community she called home as we come to terms with her passing.

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Stephanie McEvoy Passed Away:

In a tragic turn of events, beloved Newry resident Stephanie McEvoy unexpectedly died at home on February 12, 2024. Those who knew and loved Stephanie are profoundly empty without her.

She was a caring mother who showed her kids, Kayden, Annalee, Alex, and Zoey, love and attention they would never forget. Being a mother was at the core of Stephanie’s personality, and her influence on her kids’ lives will continue as a permanent legacy.

Stephanie was Cathy’s devoted daughter, and she indeed bears a heavy emotional burden from this loss. She left behind siblings who had a unique link with her as a beloved sister. With memories that will provide solace during these trying times, Christopher, Peadar, and Shannon are left to grieve the loss of a cherished sister.

Funeral Arrangements:

We announce the funeral plans for the late Stephanie McEvoy with great sadness. The remains of Stephanie will be formally welcomed at her mother’s home, 287 Barcroft Park, tomorrow (Thursday) at 1 pm. This will allow friends and relatives to show their support and condolences during this trying time.

Saturday at 10 am is set aside for a somber removal ritual, which will occur before the Requiem Mass at 11 am in St. Brigid’s Church, The Meadow. For anyone who would want to join together in memory, contemplation, and support of the bereaved family, this holy ceremony will be a moving occasion.

Stephanie will be buried in the tranquil grounds of Monkshill Cemetery after the Requiem Mass. As a last act of parting, the burial will allow the community to say goodbye and console the bereaved family.

Tribute to Stephanie McEvoy:

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, often known as Long QT Syndrome, abruptly ended Stephanie McEvoy’s journey. In light of this significant loss, the family respectfully asks for your thoughtful support as we process this loss.

The McEvoy family respectfully requests donations to the “Long QT Syndrome – Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” instead of sending condolence flowers. Your kind donations will help to promote awareness and funding for this uncommon and frequently quiet ailment. This thoughtful gesture honors Stephanie’s tenacious nature and transforms a difficult time into a chance to leave a lasting impression on her memory.

Donations can be given to the family directly or to Paul McEvoy Funeral Directors, 80 Canal Street, Newry, BT35 6DX, if you want to contribute. Your generosity in commemorating Stephanie’s life with these gifts will ease the family’s burden and advance knowledge and treatment of Long QT Syndrome.

Community in Grief:

Those who knew Stephanie McEvoy well are grieving her loss and feeling her absence intensely in the aftermath of her sudden passing. Her beloved children, loving mother, brothers, sister, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, and a large extended family and friend group all deeply miss her.

Let our collective sadness serve as a monument to Stephanie’s influence on numerous lives as we unite in our shared loss. Joining forces in kindness and giving, let’s work to leave a lasting legacy of education and assistance in Stephanie’s honor, advancing knowledge of the difficulties experienced by persons impacted by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, also known as Long QT Syndrome.

Our words of love and support provide comfort and fortitude for the McEvoy family during this trying time. As we travel this road of recollection and healing together, may our everyday experiences and burdens serve as a beacon of hope. We pay tribute to Stephanie’s memory and exemplify the harmony she fostered during her time with us by reaching out to one another with our hands and hearts.

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