Samurdhi Name List 2024: Samurdhi Aswesuma Beneficiaries District List

Samurdhi Name List 2024: The Aswasuma Welfare Benefits 2023 Program Eligible Individuals List is available online at Candidates who registered for the Aswesuma Welfare Program can use this page and the official website to verify the status of their Aswasuma Name List 2023. Therefore, take notice of this information if you’re looking for the Aswesuma Welafare Eligible Persons Selection List/Name List 2023. We have included the exact link to the Aswasuma Selection List 2023 for the benefit of all candidates.

Samurdhi Name List 20241

Samurdhi Name List 2024 :

Samurdhi Department Provides Social Benefits to Needy People Each Year. The Samurdhi program’s effectiveness is examined in this study. People in Sri Lanka are searching for the Aswasuma Welfare Benefits program following the Samurdhi Program. Nonetheless, the President launched the Aswesuma Program Welfare Benefit as a social safety net component to help with the current crisis. Involves the participation of several government agencies under the direction of Finance Minister Sema Semesinghe.

Financial assistance will be given to the lower-income group, which makes up 40% of society across four categories, throughout the Samurdhi Aswesuma Program. The government hopes to support families in the severely poor category with Rs. 15000 per month.

However, there have been concerns over the names chosen for the Aswesuma Welfare Benefit Scheme, which is set to go into effect on July 1 or July 10, 2023.

How do you check Aswesuma Samurdhi’s name list for 2023?

After reviewing appeals and objections, the completed list of Samurdhi Aswesuma Beneficiaries for the Sri Lanka New Aswesuma Welfare Program will be released. You can use the simple procedures below to get the Samurdhi Name list.

  1. Visit the Samurdhi Department’s official website at
  2. Find the section labeled “Number of Beneficiaries.”
  3. Once you locate the link, search for the option List – Aswasuma benefits program and access it.
  4. Subsequently, the Aswesuma Selection List 2023 will be displayed.
  5. In conclusion, obtain the Aswasuma Selection List 2023 and verify your current status.

About Sumurdhi:

Launched in 1995, Sumurdhi is a program in Sri Lanka aimed at reducing poverty. The Samurdhi Authority of Sri Lanka (SASL) oversees the initiative. Low-income households in Sri Lanka can get cash help and other aid forms through the Samurdhi Programme. With this aid, families can raise their living level and satisfy their fundamental necessities. The program also offers training and other assistance to assist low-income households in launching their enterprises or expanding their current ones. This assistance contributes to Sri Lanka’s economic growth and employment creation.

The Samurdhi Programme provides support primarily to women and girls. This is because poverty frequently affects women disproportionately. Women participating in the program can enhance their skill sets and economic prospects by receiving training and other forms of assistance.

Additionally, the Samurdhi Programme seeks to increase community involvement in initiatives to reduce poverty. This is accomplished by including neighborhood groups in the program’s conception and execution. This makes it easier to ensure the program responds to the needs of the communities it works with.

It has been said that the Samurdhi Programme has helped to lessen poverty in Sri Lanka. The World Bank reports that Sri Lanka’s poverty rate decreased from 23 percent in 1995 to 9 percent in 2015. It has also been said that the Samurdhi Programme has empowered women and advanced economic growth.

The Samurdhi Programme is an all-encompassing initiative aimed at mitigating poverty that has yielded notable results for low-income households in Sri Lanka. The initiative is a model for other nations seeking to lower poverty and advance economic growth.

About Samurdhi Aswesuma Welfare Program:

The primary objective of the Department of Samurdhi Development Sri Lanka, which was established in 1995, is to lessen poverty in Sri Lanka. Welfare Benefit Plan for Aswesuma Commencing in August 2022, the Notice Welfare Benefit Board encouraged applications, and more than 3.7 million individuals submitted. Information about income and spending was gathered through the Aswesuma Mobile App. The State Finance Minister will start paying the beneficiaries’ bank accounts on July 1, 2023.

Samurdhi Aswesuma Beneficiaries:

Beneficiaries of the Samurdhi Programme receive a range of advantages, such as:

  • Grants in cash
  • Rations of food
  • Awards for Scholarships
  • loans using microcredit
  • Opportunities for training and skill development

A beneficiary’s benefit amount is determined by the size and income of their household. The Samurdhi Program aims to raise the level of life and enable low-income families to satisfy their fundamental necessities.

If you qualify for Samurdhi benefits, you need to know about the following:

  • You must provide updates regularly on your household’s income and spending.
  • One person cannot own more than a specific quantity of land or property.
  • Certain professions, including prostitution and gaming, are off-limits to you.
  • You might not be eligible to receive Samurdhi rewards if you break any of these rules.