Renowned Filmmaker Tikoy Aguiluz died at 72, See Tikoy Aguiluz Cause of Death

Tikoy Aguiluz Cause of Death:- Amable R. Aguiluz VI known as Tikoy Aguiluz, was a Filipino film director, producer, screenwriter as well as a cinematographer. In 1999, he took the initiative to establish the Cinemanila International Film Festival in Manila, demonstrating his passion for cinema and his desire to promote the art of filmmaking. Aguiluz played a pivotal role as one of the prominent figures in the alternative cinema movement in the Philippines, advocating for diverse voices and unconventional storytelling in the country’s film industry. After hearing the news of Tikoy Aguiluz’s death, many people are searching for the Tikoy Aguiluz’s cause of death, the information of which is given below.

Tikoy Aguiluz Cause of Death

Recently the news of the death of famous filmmaker Tikoy Aguiluz is coming to light. Tikoy Aguiluz died on 19 February 2024 at the age of 72. No information has been released regarding Tikoy Aguiluz’s cause of death. Tikoy Aguiluz’s death was announced by his daughter on her Facebook page.

Who is Tikoy Aguiluz Wife?

Tikoy Aguiluz was a married man. Tikoy Aguiluz wife’s name is unavailable. Tikoy Aguiluz did not share much information about his wife and married life. Tikoy Aguiluz had a daughter whose name is Anima Aguiluz Slangen.

Tikoy Aguiluz’s daughter married Ron Slangen on 20 June 2008 in New York City. Anima Aguiluz and Ron Slangen met at Columbia University where they graduated in 2005.

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