Padma Bridge paragraph for SSC, HSC

The Padma Bridge is the 122nd largest multipurpose bridge over the Padma River. Here are some paragraphs on Padma Bridge for SSC and HSC students.

Padma Bridge Paragraph for SSC and HSC (300 Words)

The Padma Bridge is one of Bangladesh’s dream projects. The Padma Bridge is the multipurpose road and rail bridge built over the Padma River, the 122nd largest bridge worldwide.

The construction of this bridge was started on December 7, 2014, by China Railway Engineering Company Limited, and this was laid to completion by May 2022. After its completion, this bridge was inaugurated by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh on June 25, 2022. This bridge is a two-level steel truss bridge, which is 6.15 km long and 18.10 m wide. This bridge also consists of a four-lane highway at the top and a single railway track at the bottom. 

This whole project is estimated to be worth US 3.868 Billion (including VAT and IT). Bangladesh faced issues in receiving funds and economic help when the World Bank canceled its credit agreement at the start, but at last, Bangladesh came up with its own funding and started working on this project.

Bangladesh not only faces economic issues but also an environmental problem because the river Padma is calm in winter and cruel in summer, that is why it is impossible to work in the same manner. Hence, the construction process was divided into six parts.

The first part includes the construction of the main bridge. The second part was River training works around 14 km. The third and fourth parts consists of the connection of the main bridge with two highways. The final part includes the construction of the service area and supervision.

The construction of this bridge will enhance the regional cooperation and transport management because this bridge connects the southwest part of the country with the capital and eastern part. Other than this, this will also cause a radial change in industrial development.

Padma Bridge Paragraph 150 Words

The Padma Bridge, built over the Padma River, was inaugurated on June 25, 2022, by the Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina. This bridge is the longest multipurpose bridge in Bangladesh. This bridge is mainly constructed with steel and concrete. Bangladesh successfully implemented this project without any foreign investment.

Approximately 30,000 crores have been spent on the construction of this bridge by Bangladesh. The length of the main bridge is 6.15 km long, and the width is 16.10 km. This bridge connects Mawa in Munshiganj district to Jajira in Shariatpur district. It consists of a four-lane road at the top and a single-layer railway track at the bottom. This bridge will also be used for expansion of gas, power lines, and fiber optic cable.

This bridge will also contribute to the southern part of Bangladesh’s social, economic, and industrial development.