One Day episode 4 recap and Review

In One Day episode 4, Emma planned to keep things platonic during their holiday in Greece. But Dexter was thinking anything else; he remembered the night they met and their near-romance. However, a shock request from Dexter soon turns their friendship sour.

During their holiday, while going to the hotel, Emma makes a rule that Dexter doesn’t flirt with her or any other girl. One rule Emma makes goes out of the window when they learn that there’s only one bed in the hotel room. When Emma caught Dexter watching, putting sun cream on her back on the beach. She struggled while doing so, and Dexter offered her help after seeing this. While helping her, when his hand touched her back, Emma started thinking about the first night they met. They were in their tender moment, but it got interrupted by two bachelors who recognized Dexter from his TV program Largin’It.

Emma was teasing Dexter about being a minor celebrity and about the attention he was getting. But when they were swimming in the sea, Emma hoped that being a “slight” celebrity wouldn’t change him, and she praised him for being a good TV presenter. Dexter spots a nudist beach and asks Emma if she wants to go in a bid to make themselves feel more comfortable. She rejects his offer, and Dexter thinks back on their nearly one-night stand after their graduation ball.

An embarrassed Emma tells him that she “blanked it out like a car crash,” but it’s clear that the night they met still weighs heavily on her mind as she reminisces back to that moment. After getting into the room, Emma could not stop seeing Dexter in the shower. She was continuously staring at his naked body, but she snapped out of her trance when she dropped a can of soda on the floor while trying to escape before being seen by him. She quickly cleaned up the mess, rushed to the balcony, and pretended to read a book. Another affectionate moment happened between them when they were about to kiss each other on the balcony, but Emma immediately stopped the exchange.

While being out for dinner, Emma suggested confessing one thing to each other that the other person did not know. Then Dexter goes first and tells Emma that he had kissed a guy in the club with his girlfriend, Ingrid. Then Emma confessed that she had a massive crush on Dexter after meeting at graduation. Dexter replied that he already knew about her crush and said that Tilly had told him. After their dinner faux pas, Dexter and Emma go skinny dipping in the sea. He apologizes for what happened at dinner and confesses that he fancies her, too. Still, Emma’s happiness is quickly snatched away when he says he wants everyone and isn’t ready for a relationship. In bed, Emma and Dexter wish each other goodnight. But Dexter has much on his mind as he stares into the distance.