Missing Kayaker’s body found by crew in Narragansett Bay

The body of a missing kayaker had been found in Narragansett Bay on Sunday by the crews of Barrington. According to Michael Healy, belonging to the Rhode Island Department of Environment Management, the kayaker was confirmed to be dead, as his body was found along Barrington Town Beach.

Authorities are still looking for Timothy Chant, a 60-year-old Warwick resident who is missing after being seen launching his boat from Conimicut Point in Warwick around noon on Sunday.

Boats and a helicopter have been used by rescue crews in order to conduct shoreline and water searches in Hyde Hole throughout the evening. At that time, officials were seen retrieving a kayak from the water near Rhode Island County Club on Barrington Beach around 7 p.m.

A call for a missing kayaker was also received by the department just before 5 p.m. on Sunday, as confirmed by Warwick Police Captain Charles Boisseau. Boisseau also informed that he believes Chant was missing for about five hours prior to Warwick’s involvement.

The Warren Police Department also confirmed that it was involved in the search effort as well. The investigation regarding this incident is still ongoing, as per the officials.

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