Magdolna Komka Cause of Death: Hungarian High Jump Champion is No More.

After the demise of famous Hungarian high jumper Magdolna Komka, the sports community is in grief. Born on August 1, 1949, Komka made noteworthy achievements in her sport and will always serve as an inspiration to the next generations.

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Magdolna Komka: Who was She?

Magdolna Komka was a formidable presence in the world of high jumping. She won several national titles and represented Hungary in two Summer Olympics thanks to her physical skills. In addition to paving the way for her success, Komka’s talent, commitment, and tenacity solidified her status as a significant figure in Hungarian sports history.

Magdolna Komka Career:

Throughout his career, Komka received many honors and recognitions. Her four victories as a Hungarian champion were in 1968, 1969, 1970, and 1972. She received even more recognition for her outstanding performance at the European Indoor Championships, placing fourth in 1972 and eighth in 1970.

In addition, she had the privilege of representing Hungary in the Summer Olympics twice, in 1968 and 1972, giving the world a chance to see her ability. Komka’s sporting career proved her unwavering commitment to her sport and her quest for greatness.

Magdolna Komka Net Worth:

Throughout her storied athletic career, Komka accumulated a significant fortune. Her estimated net worth, which ranges from $1 to $5 million, is proof of the financial benefits of her prosperous athletic career.


Komka Gyuláné Sadly, Magdolna Zsivoczky died.Gyuláné Komka Magdolna Zsivoczky, 75, our association’s vice president, died on Friday at dawn. Her family is bereaved, and we offer our condolences. Perished during his year. Dr. Kisalföld János Károly Printz, head of the Gyula Zsivótzky Olympic Circle Association in Sikátor, stated, “We will preserve his memory.”Gyula Zsivótzky, an Olympic champion hammer thrower, married Magdolna Komka Zsivotzky (1937-2007).

Significant outcomes: four-time adult champion (168 cm in 1969, 172 cm in 1970, and 182 cm in 1972, measured at 174 cm). He both established and broke the adult Hungarian record eight times. Olympian twice: placed ninth (171 cm) in 1968 and 23rd (171 cm) in 1972.

I participated in two European Championships held indoors (1970, Vienna, 173 cm, seven places, and 1972, Grenoble, 184 cm, four places) and two outdoor competitions (1969, Athens, and 1971 Helsinki).

Magdolna Komka: What Happened to Her?

Regretfully, at 74, Magdolna Komka died away on February 9, 2024. Her passing has left a massive hole in the sports community and in the hearts of everyone who knew and appreciated her.

The precise reason for Komka’s demise is still unknown. However, it is known that she was battling a disease before she passed away. We are reminded of the frailty of life and the courage with which Komka met her last obstacle as the world grieves her passing.

Magdolna Komka Obituary:

We honor Magdolna Komka today, a beloved part of the international sports community, an incredible athlete, and a loving mother to her son Attila Zsivoczky. Her legacy encompasses resilience, determination, perseverance, qualities she personified, and physical accomplishments.

We honor her life and contribution to the sporting community while grieving her loss. Her legacy inspires us still, demonstrating the strength of commitment and enthusiasm. I pray that Magdolna Komka’s soul flies as high as her jumps and that she rest in peace.

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