Logging 10000 Years into the Future Chapter 96 Release Date, Spoilers

Logging 10000 Years into the Future is a popular manga series that contains the adventures of Lu Sheng. This series includes a person with martial arts who transmigrates to a time when the world is being invaded by abnormal beasts and humanity is on the verge of extinction.

For this series, Lu Sheng used his dream to access a mysterious system that allows him to get into the future and to learn advanced martial arts and technologies.

This manga series is running in its second season and has already released 95 chapters of this series, the last chapter was released on February 15, 2024. In this chapter, Lu Sheng off against the Vice Principal of the Psychic Academy had been seen. In this, Lu Sheng had unleashed his full power and reveals his true identity as the Master of the Future.

What to Expect from Chapter 96?

The next chapter, Chapter 96 is expected to be released on February 22, 2024. In this chapter we will see the continuation of aftermath of Lu Sheng’s victory over the vice principal. We can also expect to see some more revelations about Lu Sheng’s background and motives, as well as his relationship with the mysterious system.

Where to Read Logging 10000 Years into the Future Chapter 96?

From the release day, you can read Chapter 96 online on the official website of Kuaikan or on other manga platforms that already have the license to publish the manga. From these sites, you can download the Kuaikan app on your mobile devices and can read the manga. To access this new chapter, you need to pay a fee or use coins to unlock the latest chapters.

Logging 10000 Years into the Future Chapter 96 Spoilers and Raw Scans

Spoilers are those which are usually leaked by some sources that might have access to manga before the official release of new chapter. Whereas Raw Scans are those which provides untranslated images of the manga that are scanned and uploaded by some fans.

Hence, the spoilers and raw scans will be available from February 19, 2024, three days before the official release for the fans. You can search them online or on official websites.

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