Linda Lamoureux Died. Markham Ontario mourns the passing of the VP of the Regulatory Services Division at WSIB.

Linda Pearl Lamoureux, a famous figure and vice president of the WSIB’s Regulatory Services Division, died in Markham, Ontario, on February 20, 2024. Her significant achievements and impact will be remembered and treasured by many.

Who is Linda Lamoureux?

Linda Lamoureux, whose full name was Linda Pearl Lamoureux, was born on July 17, 1954, and left a lasting imprint on the community with her dedication to WSIB. Her leadership and devotion as WSIB’s VP of Regulatory Services Division have long-term impacted workplace safety and insurance in Ontario and beyond. The city of Markham, Ontario, reflects on Linda Pearl Lamoureux’s life and legacy, recognizing her influential position as a valued community member and regulatory services leader. 

Linda Lamoureux Died:

Linda Pearl Lamoureux, VP of the Regulatory Services Division at WSIB, made essential contributions to the organization and had a long-term impact on the workplace safety scene. However, the actual cause of Linda’s death has not yet been determined. Linda Pearl Lamoureux may no longer be with us, but her legacy as a prominent leader and advocate for workplace safety continues. Her passion and dedication have left an indelible impression as an example for future efforts in regulatory services and workplace safety programmes.

Obituary to Linda Lamoureux:

Friends, colleagues, and community members come together to share loving memories of Linda Pearl Lamoureux, honoring her legacy and her significant impact on those around her. Her leadership and passion will have a lasting effect on the regulatory and safety community. As we face this loss, remember Linda Pearl Lamoureux for her unshakable dedication, leadership, and significant impact on the community. She will be deeply missed, but her legacy will be a tribute to her outstanding contributions to regulatory services. May her soul rest peacefully.

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