Kamelia Martin’s Missing: Child Alert Canceled For 16-Year-Old Kamelia Martin.

Kamelia Martin Missing:

The Florida Missing Child Alert for KAMELIA MARTIN issued on Sunday has been canceled. The kids are secure. There was a Florida MISSING CHILD Alert for Kamelia Martin, a 16-year-old Caucasian girl with brown hair and brown eyes, who weighed 120 pounds and stood 5 feet 1 inch tall.

Authorities last spotted her in the 800th block of North Triplet Lake Drive in Casselberry, Florida. She was last seen sporting black sneakers and a green onesie with white polka dots. Please get in touch with the Casselberry Police Department at 407-262-7616 or 911 if you have any information regarding this child’s location.

Child Alert:

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement employs an emergency alert system that notifies individuals of ongoing situations via text messages, radio and television broadcasts, and highway signs.

The Federal Department of Labor and Employment (FDLE) may send out several alerts to indicate a person is missing or in danger. You may be familiar with America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response alerts or AMBER alerts, which indicate that a child is missing and has probably been abducted. The system is put in place to make it easier to identify those who could be in danger.

There are several alerts on this list: purple, blue, silver, AMBER, and missing kid. Each type of alert has requirements that must be fulfilled for the alert to be sent out.

AMBER and missing child warnings pertain to anyone under the age of eighteen, although the former is specific to a missing child who may have been abducted. According to both signals, the youngster is in danger of dying or suffering significant damage. The kid must pose a greater immediate threat of harm for there to be an enhanced missing child alert.

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