Is Ian Miles Cheong Married? Who is Ian Miles Cheong Wife?

Ian Miles Cheong is a Malaysian journalist, writer, and social media influencer. He’s recognized for his insightful commentary spanning a variety of subjects, with a particular focus on American politics and culture. Boasting a substantial following of over 900,000 on X (formerly Twitter), he actively engages with his audience. Additionally, he lends his voice to The Post Millennial, a reputable conservative news platform headquartered in Canada.

He frequently shares his perspectives on American politics and culture, often leaning towards right-wing and conservative viewpoints. However, some of his detractors have criticized him for what they perceive as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic remarks. In addition to these criticisms, he has faced accusations of being a grifter, a troll, and a plagiarist from certain critics. Despite these controversies, his commentary continues to evoke strong reactions and fuel ongoing debates in various circles.

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How old is Ian Miles Cheong?

Ian Miles Cheong was born on May 27, 1988, in Ipoh, Malaysia. Ian Miles Cheong’s age is 36 years as of 2024. Ian Miles Cheong’s ethnicity is Chinese. Ian Miles Cheong’s nationality is Malaysian.

Who is Ian Miles Cheong Wife?

Ian Miles Cheong is a unmarried man. Ian Miles Cheong does not have a wife. Currently, Ian Miles Cheong is single.

Whether Ian Miles Cheong is in a relationship with anyone or not and whether he is dating anyone or not, Ian Miles has kept the information private.

Currently, Ian Miles Cheong lives in Ipoh, Malaysia with his parents and his pet dog.

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