Griselda Episode 3 recap and Review

Episode 3 of the most famous Griselda series starts with a three-month leap when one of Griselda’s men, Danny, is attacked by a rival group. After the leap, Griselda and her family, along with the girls, live in a mansion, and their life is going great. The only problem they were facing was that Ozzy was still traumatized, as he had not forgotten the scene he saw at the motel. Griselda always tries to cheer him up with new toys, pets, and a change of surroundings.
Danny come to the mansion and is beaten up by the rival group and asks Griselda to handle the situation. The boss of the rival group is Papo, who has been angry with Griselda since he became Amilcar’s main supplier. Griselda then orders Dario to protect Danny until things come down.

Griselda was informed by Arturo that Rafa from the Ochoa family has asked to meet her and German. They deduce that Rafa wants to buy them out of the Miami market. Arturo convinces Griselda that this is a good thing since it will allow her to enjoy the fruits of her labor without dealing with the bad stuff that comes along with the drug business. Griselda shares this news with the boys, who seem happy about it. They even start talking about taking family trips and relaxing as a family. In an instant, we learned that Griselda was secretly sleeping with Dario and making a name for herself back home and in Miami. People started considering her as the Godmother. After some days, Griselda, German, and Dario fly to Norman’s Cay in the Bahamas to meet up with Rafa Salazar.

Rafa informed them about the amount of cocaine he had before making an offer in front of them. In this situation, Griselda relies more on Dario as he used to keep her informed about Rafa’s close circle. Rafa wants to buy them out and pay them 15 million. He said he wants Miami to himself and will work with his own team from top to bottom. He always wanted to control the market and never wanted any interference from the dealers in Miami. Griselda then approaches Rivi and asks for a meeting with Amilcar. Rivi agrees to drive her to him.

Amilcar says that he is considering Rafa’s deal because he is currently undergoing some trouble with the police. He explains there is a witness, and Griselda offers to kill the witness for him. She is sure no one will suspect her of killing the witness. After a steamy lovemaking session with Dario, she orders him to take Chucho with him and kill the witness.

Dario is angered that she asked him to do this. He was hoping he could stop killing for a living. However, Griselda says she can’t let them take everything and refuses to reconsider. Dario and Chucho have a change of heart when they break into the witness’s house and discover he has a toddler and a wife at home. Dario calls Griselda to give her another chance to reconsider, but she orders him to kill them except the baby. A few minutes later, she gets a call from Dario that the witness has been dealt with.

This is all thanks to June’s effort to make sure the fingerprints were swept because of her hunch. Another detective, Diaz, invites her to the arrest as a parting gift. Later, Diaz convinces June to join his upcoming task force, CENTAC, which is going to be dealing with drug-related crimes.

Griselda is shocked when German betrays her. German joins forces with Papo and convinces the others to take Rafa’s deal. She cries in Dario’s arms, saying she killed the witness for nothing. Dario embraces her, and they end up sleeping together. Griselda wakes up rejuvenated the following morning, ready to plan her revenge.

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