Get to Know Where are Dawn Oxley and James Matlean now?

Melissa Oxley discovered her husband, Benjamin “Ben” Oxley, was shot in the head in February 2008, and the police went to her home. As the investigation progressed, all evidence pointed to his ex-wife’s boyfriend, James Matlean. NBC News ‘Dateline: While They Were Sleeping’ examines how Ben was killed and why his ex-wife, Dawn Oxley, became an essential component of the investigation. So, if you’re wondering where she is now, this is what we know.

Who is Dawn Oxley?

Ben and Dawn Oxley met in 1997 and shortly began a relationship. They married in 1999. However, the couple split in 2004, and Ben married Melissa Oxley in 2006. Following the separation, he was granted full custody of Alyssa, and Dawn was required to pay monthly child support. As a result, Ben and her relationship was riddled with disagreements. Melissa contacted 911 at 3:30 a.m. on February 21, 2008, after discovering Ben with a shotgun gunshot to the head in their bedroom. When investigating prospective possibilities, she referred to Dawn’s ex-boyfriend, but he was ruled out.

What does the investigation Say?

The authorities realized Dawn and James had lied about their alibis and proceeded to investigate them. Finally, in August 2009, the former came forward with information and said, “If I confess to the murder of my ex-husband, will you put me in prison?” As a result, she received immunity from prosecution for her testimony. Dawn told the police she was unhappy with Ben, but she never ordered James to kill him.

Dawn stated that all she wanted was for Ben to disappear. She further noted that when James inquired if she wished to have her ex-spouse slain, she declined. Witnesses say James and Dawn drank the night before the murder. Furthermore, her son informed authorities that the two were arranging Ben’s killing so she could win custody of Alyssa and cease paying child support.

Where are Dawn Oxley and James Matlean now?

Nonetheless, Dawn denied everything, claiming to have fallen asleep on the couch that night and that James woke her up later with the words, “It’s done.” After that, she said she followed James to his mother’s house because he wanted to leave his car there. Dawn said she had not seen Ben in weeks and only saw him when Alyssa visited.

Dawn’s evidence eventually led to James being convicted of Ben’s murder. However, the latter acknowledged the shooting and claimed she was the mastermind. Dawn, according to James, wanted both Ben and Melissa dead and was with him before and during the murder, although she later rejected the charges. Dawn has had run-ins with the authorities over the years, spending time in and out of prison. Dawn’s 15-year-old daughter was the subject of the discussion. It was reported that she was released in 2014 and has since kept a low profile. Dawn currently has a different name and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She formerly worked as a diner waiter, and her social media profiles show she enjoys riding motorcycles.

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