Gary Sinise’s Son and Musician, McCanna Anthony Sinise, Died at 33.

On January 5, McCanna Anthony “Mac” Sinise, an actor’s son and multi-instrumentalist, passed away from chordoma, a rare cancer. It was 33 years old.

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What Happened to McCanna Anthony Sinise?

Gary Sinise, the veterans activist and actor from “Forrest Gump,” said on his foundation’s website on Tuesday that his only son, McCanna “Mac” Sinise, passed away last month following a five-and-a-half-year battle with a rare bone cancer.

The actor added, “We are heartbroken and have been managing as best we can, like any family experiencing such a loss.” “Losing a child is extremely tough for parents. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has experienced a comparable loss or who has lost a loved one.

According to his father, Mac Sinise passed away on January 5, aged 33, due to cancerous chordoma. Mac underwent five spine operations in less than two years after receiving a diagnosis in August 2018, according to Sinise. He also underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatments in the same year that his mother Moira was also diagnosed with and treated for breast cancer.

What about Chordoma?

Gary Sinise provided information on chordoma on Tuesday in a post titled “Chordoma is one in a million cancer.” Just 300 Americans are affected by choredoma annually on average; it is a spinal condition. 70% of cases are curable if the original tumor is removed. However, the disease returns in 30 percent of cases—roughly 90 people annually.

Since 2017, Mac, a drummer, pianist, and USC Thornton School of Music alumnus who occasionally stepped in on drums in his father’s band, Lt. Dan Band, has been employed by the Gary Sinise Foundation. To concentrate on his recovery and rehabilitation in between his fourth and fifth operations, he resigned in 2020. According to his father, he began working on completing a piece of music he had started in college in early 2023.

According to Sinise, “the cancer had paralyzed him from the chest down, but he still had limited use of his left hand’s fingers and his right arm.” Because he was right-handed, he could punch notes and letters into his phone or iPad by attaching a stylus to his right hand. In addition, he kept a little piano by his hospital bed, which he used to compose music.

In addition to Oliver Schnee, a composer and arranger who was a college acquaintance, Mac collaborated with his father’s band members. Mac learned to play the harmonica because he was unable to play the drums or piano anymore, according to Sinise, and the project expanded to include more tunes and more participants. Recording sessions occurred at Nashville’s Blackbird Studio in November and Hollywood’s Sunset Sound in July.

Gary Sinise Statement:

However, Sinise writes in December, “We had to take Mac to the ER for his last visit to the hospital.” After stabilizing him since he was experiencing breathing difficulties, he was hospitalized. Like I had done many times before, I remained with him. I first believed this would be just another trip when we would have everything under control and then return home. However, as the days grew harder, he let go on January 5 with his family surrounding him. Mac Sinise was laid to rest on January 23.

The “CSI: NY” star said the album “Mac Sinise: Resurrection & Revival” is almost done and would be available shortly. He also included a presale link to his foundation’s store. According to the website, proceeds will benefit the Gary Sinise Foundation, per Mac’s desires. The group’s homepage supports “defenders, veterans, firefighters, their households, and those in need” in the United States.

“I have met a great deal of the families of our fallen soldiers throughout the years. It’s simply so difficult and upsetting. Our family battled cancer for five and a half years, and as the illness progressed, it got harder and harder,” Sinise wrote. “Even though we are heartbroken to be without him, we find solace in the knowledge that Mac is no longer in need of assistance, and we are moved and inspired by his success.” “He battled cancer for which there is no treatment, but he never gave up.”

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