Free Chegg Answers | Tips & Tricks To Get Chegg Answer Free

Being a student your life surrounds around assignments and homework and Chegg-free answers could become an asset for you. This could also help you in brushing your learning.

What is Chegg?

Chegg is an American education company based in California, launched in 2005. It is a conglomeration of Online learning services and apps. They provide varied services such as-

  • Selling, renting, and purchase of new and old textbooks.
  • Ebook reader
  • It offers a no-cost flashcard app.
  • Provision of subscriptions for helping students with assignments, homework, and writing. It covers a wide range of subjects and topics.
  • Availability of learning through videos.

It previously had market presence among teenagers  with over 8 million users but due to the disruptions of AI and Chat GPT the users of it declined up to 40% by the year 2023.

Chegg’s slogan is, “A Smarter Way to Student”.

Is Chegg Free and How Much Does it Cost?

Chegg is not entirely free, it requires some protocol of subscriptions. But it can also be accessed free by following some specific process which will be mentioned as you read further in the article.

People who are into academia can go for its subscription because due to its high cost, it is not worthy for those who requires it for once or twice a year.

Cost of Subscription Services Offered
Basic Subscription $14.95/ month 90% discount on textbooks. More than 20 purchased book returns. Can ask 20 questions per month from experts. Access to Chegg Study Pack for one month.
Chegg Writing Service $9.95/month Plagiarism Checker Easy Bib Grammar Checker
Chegg Study Pack $19.95/month Covers all primary services. Plagiarism Checker Unlimited homework help Exclusive expert-made materials Practice sets
Chegg Math Solver $9.95/month Concept Clearance Solved Problems

How to View Chegg Answers for Free

As Chegg is heavy on the pocket of customers. So, here are some of the steps which should be followed to get free. These are-

Method 1: Apply for Chegg Trial Period

The first method is to sign up with your credentials. This will take you to the trial which is offered for no cost and could be used for four weeks. This company offers trial period of seven days.

The trial inculcates:-

  • Getting a cluster of question banks with in-depth answers.
  • Access to one on one teaching and textbook rentals.
  • Users gain access to various tutorials.

Step-by-step guide for starting your trial:-

  1. Visit the Chegg Website and click on the “Get Started” button.
  2. Create account by entering a valid email id and desired password. It can also be log in through Facebook, Apple id, or Google.
  3. From various options select “I am Student”. Then next select you are from “High School” or “College”.
  4. Begin typing the name of your school/college, then select it from the drop-down menu. If it isn’t listed, choose “My university is not listed”.
  5. Select the year you are in your High School or College, then “Create Account”.
  6. After successfully creating your account, tap on profile and then on “My Account”.
  7. Select “Payment Information”. And add your bank details in order to begin your 30 days free trial.

Method 2: Make Use of Reddit

Chegg Answers on Reddit is the easiest way to get premium answers. What is most astonishing is that you get the quickest answers within 24hrs. But what needs to be kept in mind is that this only provides Chegg answers free.

You should follow the steps given below for free access through Reddit-

  1. Open Reddit by searching on Google. Once it opens click on the “Search Bar” at the top.
  2. Type “Chegg Answers” in the search Reddit bar. Many Subreddit pop up on your screen. Scroll down and select according to your needs.

Method 3: Utilize Discord

Discord is an app that is famous among students for connecting with different people through its chat feature. Along with that, it could be used for gaming side by side for education.

To know how to see Chegg answers on the Discord App follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Discord App and login in by filling in valid credentials or by scanning the QR code.
  2. Once you log in successfully, On the top left you will find different icons. Take your cursor to do is type Chegg answers in the search bar named “Explore Communities”.
  3. Then in the Discovery section scroll down and click on “Education”.
  4.  All you need to do is type Chegg answers in the search bar named “Explore Communities”.
  5. Choose different servers as per preference. Click “Join the Server” which you wish to join.

Method 4: Free Chegg Unlock AI Tool

This AI tool eliminates all your worries regarding how to get Chegg answers for free. If implemented properly this method is the simplest and profoundly recommended.

  • Search the question on Google or Chegg App
  • Copy the URL of the question.
  • Paste the link on Educrag. It is advisable to use the Pastebin app before pasting the URL of the question on the AI tool.
  • Fill in the captcha and you are ready to go.

Method 5: Inspect Element Tool

It is a Chrome extension that could be of great help to students as it unblurs the Chegg answers with some easy steps.

  • Step 1: Load Inspect Element Tool on your Pc from Google Chrome.
  • Step 2: Open the Chegg website and scroll down to blurred answers.
  • Step 3: Right-click on the page and click the Inspect Element” button.

Final Solution

“Buying something you do not need is a waste of money, even if it is a bargain.” It would be an entire waste of money if you are planning to take a premium subscription to Chegg. After reading this article you will think twice before taking the subscription. I am sure that you all are able to get a definite answer to how to see Chegg answers free.