Drea De Matteo Reveals Full Extent Of Financial Trouble

Drea de Matteo, an actress aged 52 years, started losing her acting jobs, and that resulted in the dwindling of her bank account. She then decided to join OnlyF@ns, and within 5 minutes of joining, she succeeded in earning money, which became her life savior. The OnlyFan’s account become an unexpected saving grace to her; she has received a new lease on life after the service saved her from the brink of financial ruin.

She also shared that her house had flooded, and she was trying hard to sell the house before they took it. At the same time, she lost her mother, and her other mother, having dementia, had run out of money for her caregiver. She also shared that she was very confused about finding out the way to get out of this troublesome situation at that time.
As soon as the actress made a subscription to the OnlyF@ns account, she started uploading many pictures, and within five minutes, she earned as much money as she was required to pay her real estate company to clear her debts.
She then shared that OnlyF@ns 100 percent saved her life. She also said that anyone who wanted to put her down or condemn her can do whatever they want to. She also said that she hoped no one could ever find themselves in a situation like this, as she has two little kids to take care of. Matteo and her hubby, Robby Staebler, originally planned to create a podcast on the platform and put sexy content behind the paywall.

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