Dead in Rural Charleston: Chad N. Brooks, A Missing Edgar County Man

Chad N. Brooks, a missing Edgar County man, was found dead in a dismal development on Westfield Road in rural Charleston. There have been ripple effects from this devastating news across the neighborhood and beyond.

Missing Edgar County man Chad N. Brooks Found Dead1

Missing Edgar County Man Chad N. Brooks:

In a remote Charleston neighborhood close to Westfield Road, Chad N. Brooks was discovered dead at the scene, according to the local law enforcement. The guy from Edgar County was last seen missing on January 31, 2024.

About 400 acres had been combed over by many search teams in the area where Brooks was last seen. The hunt ended with the devastating finding of Brooks’ remains despite their unceasing efforts.

The Mourning Community:

The community is in grief following the announcement of Brooks’ passing. Brooks, who weighed 160 pounds, had blue eyes and brown hair. He was last seen leaving his white Dodge pickup vehicle. Brooks stood 5 feet 8 inches tall. The current inquiry attempts to provide answers to many of the issues generated by his abrupt disappearance and terrible death.

As the Edgar County community grieves this terrible loss, our thoughts are with Chad N. Brooks’s family and friends at this difficult time.

Coles County Chief Deputy Tyler Heleine Statement:

Search and rescue teams from McLean and St. Clair counties and representatives from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System were engaged in the search party on Tuesday. Heleine said four drones, three dog teams, and a Lincoln Fire Protection District dive team were also dispatched to search ponds and other minor water bodies.

Heleine noted that the Edgar County Sheriff’s Office is in charge of this missing person investigation, and local law enforcement authorities are still actively pursuing it. He claimed that Brown’s family has been assisting with the search; they have done so by putting up fliers across Coles County. We request that anybody who knows Brown’s whereabouts contact their local law enforcement department.

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