David Dinsmore Death: Judge Roughneck’s Gifted Trombonist Passed Away.

On February 10, 2024, the world of music lost a bright light with the sudden death of David Dinsmore, the gifted trombonist of Judge Roughneck. Due to his sudden departure, there is an excellent gap in the hearts of his family, friends, and many followers.

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In addition to being a talented trombonist, David was also a wise lyricist, a sensitive voice, and a detailed producer. Nevertheless, he was more than just a talented musician; he was also a beloved brother, a lifetime friend, and a stunning person. We honor the life and contributions of a genuine icon today, one whose enthusiasm, skill, and steadfast friendship enhanced the Colorado music scene.

David Dinsmore Death:

We gather here to convey the heartbreaking news of David Michael Dinsmore’s demise on February 10, 2024, a real luminary with heavy hearts and deep grief.

His family and friends have been rocked by the unexpected death of this extraordinary person, leaving a vacuum that is difficult to put into words. David was more than a bright light; he epitomized giving, love, and enthusiasm.

Judge Roughneck has regrettably acknowledged David’s demise in an official statement. For more information, please refer to the announcement below.

We are all startled and grieved to hear about David Dinsmore’s death. We had David as our trombonist for more than 27 years. In addition to being a producer, songwriter, and vocalist, he was also a brother, friend, and lovely person for the rest of his life. Love and blessings to his family and everyone who knew and cared for him.

David Dinsmore Cause of Death and Obituary:

Judge Roughneck’s trombonist, David Dinsmore, went away suddenly. Official accounts attest to the suddenness of his death. However, the exact cause of death is still unknown. It is imperative to honor his family’s privacy at this trying time. We will swiftly offer updates on this topic when an official announcement is released.

David’s family has established a GoFundMe page to guarantee the production of a lovely service that pays tribute to his memory. This project, which is still in the planning phases, intends to alleviate the family’s financial burden so they may concentrate on remembering David and helping one another during this trying time.

The money donated will help with burial and medical expenditures in addition to the cost of the services. If you would like to contribute, please click this link.

His devotion to his family was intense, and as a loving husband and father of two, his presence filled their lives with warmth and joy. David was a mainstay in the Denver music community for more than 20 years, and his influence extended beyond his birthplace.

David Dinsmore: Who was He?

As a member of Judge Roughneck, trombonist David Dinsmore made a significant contribution to the music scene and was a well-respected musician. His untimely death had a considerable effect on his friends, family, and the music industry. Beyond his skill as a musician, David was a loving spouse and father who embodied what it meant to be a real family man.

In his early years in the Junior High jazz band, he laid the groundwork for an incredible career that saw him establish himself as a mainstay in the Denver music scene. David’s love for music was apparent in every note he performed, creating a lasting impression on Colorado’s venues.

He and his spouse, Michelle, ran a company that brought joy to many people and showcased his artistic abilities as a makeup artist. David will always be remembered for his steadfast dedication to helping people and getting pleasure, love, and fantastic music to his community.


Jordan Armijo expressed his shock after learning of David Dinsmore’s demise. We shared the stage at Herman’s Hideaway a week and a half ago and had a pleasant conversation. He was a fantastic trombone player, musician, performer, and person and was always one of my favorites to do live gigs with. The music industry lost a true treasure. RIP Dave

Iron Roots stated: “We post this terrible news with a heavy heart and gut feeling.” Over the weekend, our beloved buddy David Dinsmore died away. We shall miss you, excellent buddy and musician. God bless you, my brother.