Corridos Singer of Street Mob Records Chuy Montana Found Dead, See Chuy Montana Cause of Death

Chuy Montana Cause of Death:- Chuy Montana was a emerging Musical artist. He was Corridos Singer of Street Mob Records. Recently the news of the death of Mexican singer Chuy Montana is coming out. Chuy Montana was found dead in Mexico on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Chuy Montana’s body was found on the highway connecting Rosarito to Tijuana. Chuy Montana was 25 years old.

Mexico’s secretary of civil and security protection, Fernando Sanchez, told local outlets that Cardenas had multiple gunshot wounds to his body and was handcuffed, according to The San Diego Tribune. The police there say that Chuy Montana was kidnapped before his death.

Chuy Montana’s real name was Jesus Cardenas and he was a native of Tijuana. He was part of the music roster at Street Mob Records. It was a label run by Fuerza Resida lead singer Jesús Ortiz Paz (JOP).

the label wrote in an Instagram post Thursday- “On behalf of Street Mob Records, we deeply regret the passing of our colleague and brother Chuy Montana.” “We stand in solidarity with his family during this time of grief. We kindly request understanding and respect from the media at this difficult moment.”

The label and its artists have played an important role in the regional Mexican music subgenres, the bailicada and corridos tumbados movement. Montana had gained popularity in recent years. Chuy Montana’s Spotify receives 816,000 monthly listens.

Chuy Montana performed with his guitar for the audience in the traffic lines at the Tijuana-San Ysidro border crossing point, where he was discovered by Jesús Ortiz Paz (JOP), lead singer of Fuerza Residena.

According to Mexican newspaper Punto Norte, Chuy Montana may have tried to escape from the kidnapper, leading to a chase and a fatal shootout. The officers found bullet shells and gunshot wounds to Manthana’s head and arms.

In 2023, Chuy Montana had success with the single “Porte de Scarface”. The song has led Montana to over 22 million plays on Spotify. He also released many songs such as Porte de Scarface, Porte de Scarface, Ramos Buchones, Que Bendición, POLVOS DE CHANEL, Empresa SM, Italia, and more.

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