Coach Harold Deane Died, A Stalwart of Virginia State University, has Passed Away.

Coach Harold Deane, a stalwart of Virginia State University, has passed away.

Coach Harold Deane Died:

Coach Harold Deane, retired coach and professor at Virginia State University, died in Petersburg, Virginia, on February 3, 2024. With over 50 years of service to VSU as an athlete, coach, and educator, Coach Deane’s influence reached far beyond the field and into the hearts of those he guided. Coach Harold Deane’s commitment to Virginia State University was unparalleled, leaving an enduring imprint on the university and its community. His dedication to developing youthful talent in athletics and academia earned him the respect and affection of innumerable people whose lives he influenced.

Tribute to Coach Harold Deane:

Former colleagues, students, and admirers attributed his unfailing support, guidance, and significant impact on many people’s lives. His impact will continue to motivate future generations and demonstrate the lasting impact of enthusiastic and dedicated instructors. Coach Harold Deane’s departure signals the end of an era at Virginia State University. Still, his spirit and contributions will always be loved and recognized by the community he committed to serving.

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