Chickasaw Property Tax Hikes: Election Results Revealed

Chickasaw residents headed to the polls on Tuesday to cast their votes on two separate referendums aimed at adjusting property taxes within the city.

The first ballot proposed an increase in property taxes from 5 mill to 7.5 mill but was ultimately rejected by the residents. Mayor Barry Broadhead expressed disappointment at the outcome, noting that the proposed increase would have provided much-needed financial relief to the city, which has been grappling with a tight budget. With this setback, the city now faces the challenge of making difficult budgetary decisions to remain financially stable. Broadhead affirmed the city’s commitment to operating within its means, despite the necessity for potential cutbacks in certain areas.

Conversely, the second ballot, focused on securing financial support for Chickasaw City Schools, received approval from residents. This proposal sought to raise property taxes by 3 mill, with the aim of bolstering resources for the local education system. Chickasaw City School superintendent David Wofford hailed the affirmative vote as a significant step forward in enhancing the quality of education in the city. He emphasized that the additional funding will enable the school system to expand upon existing initiatives, such as career tech programs for juniors and seniors, providing students with valuable hands-on experience in various industries. Additionally, the funding will facilitate the renovation of the aging high school, which has been in use for over 70 years.

Wofford highlighted the positive impact that improved educational opportunities can have on the community, noting that as school systems thrive, they tend to attract more residents to the area. Therefore, the approved increase in property taxes represents not only an investment in the future of Chickasaw’s youth but also a potential catalyst for broader community development.