Chicago Med Recap and Review

All-new episodes of the medical drama Chicago Med were released by NBC on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. In this article, we will talk about the recap released last night.

In last night’s Chicago Med season 9, episode 5, named “I Make a Promise, I Will Never Leave You”, Charles has been recruited by Goodwin to evaluate her ex-husband’s memory.

Archer treats one of Sean’s peers from the rehab center. Hannah treats a woman from a rural clinic whose miscarriage was improperly treated.”

Last Night’s Chicago Med recap 

In the last night’s episode of Chicago Med, Maggie was seen to get divorced, and it was almost over. Maggie just needed to sign the divorce papers to get everything done, but the sign needed to be done in front of a notary, and by chance, there was one in-house in the hospital. They do not need to worry about anything before divorce as they don’t have children and do not need to think about the cat.

They decided that the cat would be given to Ben. Now, Maggie was able to sign the papers and get everything done. Maggie was working a shift when a hot new doctor from the rural clinic named Dr. Loren Johnson came back. He was so handsome and was there to apply for privileges at Chicago Med. Dr. Loren had worked with Maggie previously. That’s why Maggie knew him, and as she was single then, she could look towards whatever came next.

Dr. Johnson did not come back due to the condition of a patient whose name was Kaitlin Neely. She suffered from a water break while she was 15 weeks pregnant, which was too early for viability. She was experiencing a lot of pain as her child died two weeks ago, and her doctor refused to perform a D&E as it was against his supposed values. He left the rotting fetus in her womb for weeks until the pain became unbearable. Maggie called Dr. Asher about this, and Dr. Johnson also wanted to stay involved.

Asher was telling Dr. Ahmad about it during one of their breaks. Dr. Ahmad mentioned her own patient. She was treating a kid by the name of Alex, whose appendix burst.

She informed Dr. Marcel about this case, and he performed surgery. It ended up being a good thing that Marcel sent that sample to pathology. The appendix showed cancer. Marcel was able to get all the cancer out when he did the surgery, and that meant there was a chance that Alex might not need chemotherapy.

Dr. Archer was also treating someone. It was a busy day in the ED. Archer was treating someone that his son brought in. Sean was a drug counselor at a facility, and Damon was a patient there.

As for Archer’s patient, he took a turn for the worse. He flatlined. He died on the table, and that did waver Sean’s faith in him.

Dr. Ahmad’s patient had a bad reaction to a medication. She was able to stop it. She saved his life, and he later left the hospital cancer-free. Ahmad tried to pull that medication from distribution in the hospital, but the board disagreed with her. And there was nothing Marcel could do about it.

And Bert later changed his mind about additional tests because he knew he had a problem.