Bhakta Raj Acharya, A Seasoned Vocalist and Composer, Passes Away

On Monday, at 82, veteran singer and musician Bhakta Raj Acharya, often referred to as Bhajan Shiromani, died out.

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What Happened to Veteran singer Bhakta Raj Acharya?

Monday marked the passing of seasoned vocalist and composer Bhakta Raj Acharya, also known as Bhajan Shiromani. He was eighty-two. Acharya’s neighbor, musician Hari Lamsal, verified that Acharya died en route to Nepal Mediciti Hospital in Lalitpur.

“When his oxygen level dropped suddenly while he was resting at home, Swaroop (Acharya’s son) and I took him to the hospital,” Lamsal stated. “Upon arrival, the hospital’s doctors pronounced him dead.”

Lamsal stated that the 80-year-old singer had passed away at his residence around four months prior. He had been residing at his house ever since. He was being looked for by his wife, Sushila, two kids, Satya and Swaroop, and other family members.

Acharya sang almost 400 songs throughout an illustrious career spanning decades, including timeless hits like “Hajar Sapana Haruko,” “Jati Chot Dinchhau,” and “Mutu Jalirahechha.”

Thirty-one years ago, Acharya had to quit performing on stage abruptly. He told Kantipur Daily three years ago, “I sang three songs at a function organized at RR Campus [in Kathmandu] in 2049 BS.” A lump appeared on his tongue after that. “Doctors diagnosed cancer,” he stated.

After that, he went to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), where the medical staff advised him to get his tongue chopped to prevent the fatal illness from spreading. He said that following the surgery, he lost his voice to the point that he considered jumping from the AIIMS building to end his life. In the interview, he stated, “But the love towards small sons and the support of Sushila [his wife] stopped me from doing so.” He could barely talk after the tongue operation, much less sing.

Swaroop Raj, his son, believes his father had a strong will to live. Seated Monday next to Bhakta Raj’s remains at the Mediciti Hospital, Swaroop Raj remarked, “He struggled hard throughout his life, but he never gave up.” “Since 2050 BS, people have said that he wouldn’t live for more than five to ten years, but his strong will has allowed him to continue overcoming the fatal illness until this day.”

His admirers, who included politicians, singers, artists, and actors, flocked to the hospital as soon as word of his passing circulated. Tomorrow, according to Lamsal, Acharya will be cremated.

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