Ao Ashi Chapter 362 spoiler, release date and Chapter 361 recap!!

The sports-related anime has been loved by the people around the world and they also love to read manga as well. Manga is available in huge variety and this involves the stories related to sports and the manga we are talking about in this article is football-focused. The manga named Ao Ashi has completed more than 362 chapters till now and still coming up.

As the Chapter 361 has been recently released, now the fans are waiting to read the next chapter of the manga and this lead to major demand of Chapter 362.

Ao Ashi Chapter 362 Release Date

After finishing Chapter 361 of Ao Ashi, fans are eagerly waiting to read Chapter 362. For this, fans have to wait till end of this month, as it’s launch date is decided as February 27, 2024.

Ao Ashi Chapter 362 Spoiler

There is no spoiler report available for Ao Ashi Chapter 362 as the previous chapter has released last week, so fans have to wait for sometime for next chapter till February 27, 2024 and its spoiler report will be available on February 24, 2024.

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Ao Ashi Chapter 361 Recap

Here we are again in Japan, where we were a few weeks ago. Fukuda is showing the players a “secret plan” that completely stops attacks that depend on having the ball. Additionally, there must be a player who can change the plan from defense to offense.

This person is the team’s “switcher,” and they are in charge of numerous tasks. 30 minutes and 5 seconds have passed since we got back to Qatar and the match started. Barça is still ahead of Esperion, even if he has the ball. Though Obsidian now has the ball, he seems to be feeling more and more anxious.

One player has been looking him straight in the eyes nonstop since the game started. While they were winning just now, Saejima is annoyed that the odds are now against them. Saejima is reminded of their “certain issue,” which is why they are at the competition.

Where Can You Read Ao Ashi Chapter 362 Officially?

Chapter 362 of Ao Ashi will be available on its official website after it’s releasing date. And all the volumes of Ao Ashi will be available always on Amazon for both Kindle edition and print copies.