7-Year-Old Indiana Girl Sloan Mattingly Died while digging sand hole

A heartbreaking incident occurred at a beach in Lauderdale-By-The Sea when a sand hole collapsed while digging by a 7-year-old girl from Indiana and her 9-year-old brother. The girl lost her life during this incident as she was unable to escape the collapsed sand hole. Her name was Sloan Mattingly from Fort Wayne, and she was on vacation with her family in Florida.

The family, who lives in Fort Wayne, were formerly Fishers residents. According to a social media post from Burn Boot Camp, The Mattingly family had close ties to the Indy community. Hence, the Indy Community is working on Burn Boot Camp, in which they are receiving donations to help bring Sloan to rest and to support Mattingly’s family.
The mother, Therese, was reportedly a member of the gym for over two years, and Sloan and Maddox were regulars in Childwatch before moving to Fort Wayne.

Sloan’s mother expressed her as the “purest human being”; despite the immediate response from emergency services, the rescue efforts were sadly unsuccessful. Her brother Maddox is now stable and in the hospital recovery process. Indian Community is giving the family an outpouring of support because they are grappling with this devastating loss.

The incident has sparked a conversation about beach safety measures, with some experts asserting that better lifeguard training could have potentially prevented this tragedy. As we remember Sloan, it’s crucial that we also take this opportunity to raise awareness about the potential dangers present even in places of leisure and fun.

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