Soccer Player, Father, and Son Die in Sergio Castilla Garriguella Collision

The catastrophic catastrophe including Sergio Castilla Garriguella, his son David Castilla, and his companion Oussama el Asri has left the soccer world in despair.

Sergio Castilla Garriguella Accident1

Disaster for Sergio Castilla Garriguella:

David Castilla, a Juvenil C player, his father Sergio Castilla, a club sponsor, and his buddy Oussama el Asri from @cfbaseroses were all killed in a horrific accident in Palau-saverdera. The football community is in mourning. The tight-knit soccer community they were a part of was greatly affected by this awful tragedy.

Their car overturned at kilometer 0.5 after an accident on route GIV-6103 on New Year’s Eve. Even with prompt assistance from emergency services, such as transit police and fire departments, they were not able to be rescued. Until late at night, the road was closed.

David, who played for Juvenil C, and Sergio, who supported the Empordà Sports Club, were residents of Vilajuíga and had deep ties to the Peralada football community. Oussama, a Roses acquaintance, was a player with Club de Futbol Base Roses’ young squad. During this terrible moment, the Vilajuïga town council, football teams, and the entire community are standing together to support the bereaved families.

Sergio Castilla Garriguella’s Collision: Including His Father and Son

David Castilla, a gifted young soccer player, his supportive father Sergio Castilla, and his buddy Oussama el Asri from Cfbaseroses were all involved in a very tragic incident that occurred in Palau-Saverdera. They perished in an incident that had a profound impact on the soccer community.

As a result of this tragedy, the GIV-6103 was closed until late at night as the soccer community processed the death of these three persons. In addition to being significant players in the neighborhood soccer community, David, Sergio, and Oussama were all accident victims. The local soccer scene was greatly impacted by the activities of David, who played football for Peralada, Sergio, who backed the Empordà Sports Club, and Oussama, who gave to Cfbaseroses.

All members of the soccer community, including clubs and supporters, are extending their condolences and offering their support to the families at this extremely trying time.

Family of Sergio Castilla Garriguella:

The loss of David Castilla, his father Sergio Castilla, and their friend Oussama el Asri in a horrific accident has left the football world in great sorrow. Within the Empordà football community, this tragic incident has had a profound effect, and everyone is finding it difficult to deal with the unexpected death of these cherished people. Everyone connected to football has been shocked to learn of their passing.

They were all vital to local football: David was a gifted player, Sergio helped the team, and Oussama made significant contributions. Their ties to Club de Futbol Base Roses, Empordà Sports Club, and Peralada football demonstrate their significance to the football community. At this moment, people are uniting to offer sorrow and support to the families suffering through this difficult moment.

The families impacted by this tragedy have the sincerest sympathies from the football community, which includes clubs, teammates, and supporters. Due to their deep emotional connection to David, Sergio, and Oussama, people are being kind. Their influence on the game will live on, and they will always be an aspect of the football community that they deeply value.

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