Megan Gillum Died. Know More about his Death.

Megan Gillum, who was deeply loved by all of us, died on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, and was immediately transferred to the site where she will spend the remainder of her life. She will stay there until the end of her life. With a heavy heart, we must shoulder the duty of sharing all of this information with every one of you. We apologize for the burden on our shoulders. We are facing an indescribable sense of grief right now.

Megan Gillum Died. What happened?

Megan Gillum, who was profoundly loved by all of us, died on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, and was promptly taken to the location where she would spend the remainder of her life. The burden of conveying all of this information to each of you is one that we must bear with sadness. It is difficult to find words to explain the sense of loss we are experiencing right now. Megan was well-known for her roles as a wife, daughter, sister, and friend to everyone she met, and she excelled in all of them. Because she had such a significant impact on everyone who had the opportunity to connect with her, many of you will feel the same way we do about her loss.

Who is Megan Gillum?

Her involvement with parish activities began at St. Philip Catholic Church in East St. Louis and extended to Our Lady of the Assumption in Fairview Heights. She worked as both parishes’ athletic director, umpire, referee, and scheduler. She was also concerned with the church’s administrative activities. She was also a Junior Achievement mentor and a parish trustee throughout his lifetime. Jack was a superb handyman who spent many hours working on his own house but also helped his older children with theirs. She loves fishing and gardening. Spending time with his children brought him immense delight.

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