The 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Wisconsin Revealed for 2023

Planning to visit Wisconsin before the year ends? After reading this article, you might want to reconsider your plan! Here is a list of the ten most dangerous cities in Wisconsin for 2023:

Beloit: Situated an hour south of Madison, Beloit holds the unfortunate distinction of featuring in the top ten for both violent and property crimes statewide. Despite the sensory feast provided by Beloit’s farmer’s market, it serves as a hotspot for pickpockets, evidenced by 878 reported larceny cases in 2020.

Brown Deer: Brown Deer claims the runner-up spot on the list of Wisconsin’s danger zones, situated just a 20-minute drive north of Milwaukee. Despite its seemingly quaint charm, Brown Deer falls short of being one of Milwaukee’s idyllic suburbs.

Milwaukee: While property crime rates are not as rampant, Milwaukee grappled with the second-highest burglary rate in Wisconsin, averaging around ten burglaries daily. Despite this, the city’s safer neighborhoods offer residents a high quality of life.

Rice Lake: Making its debut on the list, Rice Lake, a small city with 8,526 residents in Barron County, raises safety concerns. Despite its modest size, Rice Lake confronts a significant challenge, averaging one rape case per month in 2020, earning it the third-highest rate of rape cases in Wisconsin.

La Crosse: Nestled along the Mississippi River, La Crosse has long been a vital trade hub. As one of the region’s primary cities, La Crosse contends with crime rates commensurate with its high population density, including notable instances of larceny and car theft.

Despite these challenges, La Crosse offers a mix of amenities, including riverside parks, museums, and several universities.

West Allis: West Allis grapples with high rates of both violent and property crime. In 2020, the city reported 237 burglaries and 175 car thefts. Violent crime is a pressing concern, with an average of two assaults and one robbery weekly, underscoring the need for caution during late-night strolls.

Madison: Despite having the lowest property crime rate on the list, Madison faces the third-highest burglary rate in Wisconsin, with 648 cars stolen in 2020. Violent crime is a more significant concern, ranking as the 15th highest statewide.

Eau Claire: Positioned in northwest Wisconsin, Eau Claire ranks as the eighth most dangerous spot in the state, primarily due to a high burglary rate. Despite its name translating to “clear waters,” the city contends with murky ethics, contributing to its relatively high crime rate.

Grand Chute: In 2020, the city experienced just over one violent crime per week, with approximately two property crimes committed daily, securing the seventh-highest property crime rate statewide.

Hudson: Serving as an extended suburb of Minneapolis, Hudson has experienced a population boom in recent decades. While invigorating the local economy, it has also attracted a criminal element, resulting in 329 property crimes in a year.