Florida Deputies’ Rapid Response Averts Tragedy: 5-Year-Old’s Life Saved

In a commendable display of quick thinking, a group of Florida deputies is being hailed for their actions that undoubtedly saved the life of a 5-year-old girl. The incident unfolded on a Saturday afternoon in Deltona when the kindergartner accidentally gained access to a shotgun under a family member’s bed, resulting in a self-inflicted leg injury, as reported by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office.

Upon arrival, responding deputies found the young girl conscious and alert but with visible bleeding from her injuries. Bodycam footage, though deliberately blurred to protect the child’s identity and avoid graphic content, captured the urgency of the situation, with first responders urgently calling for a tourniquet.

Deputies Maletto, Kagle, Williams, Estrada, and Rodriguez swiftly sprung into action, administering crucial aid, applying a tourniquet, and carefully transporting the child to Deltona Fire Rescue, as detailed in a Facebook post by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. The footage reveals the child being carried out of the home and placed on a stretcher before being rushed to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando.

Medical staff at the hospital attested that the prompt response and care provided by the deputies likely played a pivotal role in saving the girl’s life. Sheriff Mike Chitwood expressed his admiration for the team’s decisive action and compassion, stating on social media, “The hair on the back of my neck stood up listening to these deputies render aid to this 5-year-old girl. What an outstanding example of decisive action and compassion by all involved.”

In recognition of their heroic efforts, Sheriff Chitwood announced plans to award medals to all deputies involved, acknowledging their instrumental role in the life-saving operation.

As detectives continue their investigation into the incident, they will forward their findings to the state attorney’s office for review. The aftermath of this dramatic event serves as a testament to the importance of swift and adept responses from law enforcement, showcasing the dedication and compassion that can make a profound difference in life-or-death situations.