Experts Sound Alarm on Russia and China’s Military Alliance Impacting US Dominance

Russia and China are reportedly progressing towards establishing a military alliance, marking a significant development that could pose a substantial challenge to U.S. global dominance. The leaders of these nations, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping, are leveraging global instability to undermine the U.S. and its allies.

While the partnership has not formalized into a traditional Western-style military alliance, experts note a deepening and more experienced collaboration between Russia and China. Jonathan Ward, CEO of the Atlas Group, emphasized that the “comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era” between Russia and China has always been centered around military power.

Chels Michta, in an article for the Center for European Policy Analysis, warns that although a formal military alliance has not been established, the U.S. and its allies should be wary of the potential threat. Michta notes that a full-scale alliance between China and Russia would present the United States with a threat unlike any since the end of the Cold War.

The rivalry between the U.S. and China is evident in various global conflicts. For instance, during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China has offered substantial economic and diplomatic support to Russia, while the U.S. has supported Ukraine. Additionally, Russia and China have aligned themselves with Iran, criticizing Israel’s actions against Hamas. In contrast, the U.S. has supported Israel with military and diplomatic backing.

The coordination between Russia and China extends to joint naval exercises in the Sea of Japan and the sharing of submarine technology. Russia has supplied advanced military equipment to China, including Su-25 jets, MI-17 helicopters, and S-400 air defense systems. In return, China has supported Russia economically and militarily, enhancing trade and providing goods used in the conflict in Ukraine.

Despite Xi Jinping advising against the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the alliance between Russia and China appears to be strengthening. The Institute for the Study of War suggests that a potential Russian victory in Ukraine could strain U.S. resources and potentially embolden China. The evolving partnership between Russia and China underscores the shifting geopolitical landscape and the challenges it poses to U.S. global influence.

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