At the Age of 98, Choral Composer Alice Parker Passes Away. She Championed Beauty and Unity.

A well-known choral composer, Alice Parker, passed away on December 24, 2023, at 98. Her passing has left the music industry in sadness. Her death has left her family in deep sorrow. She carved out a unique personality by significantly contributing to the music industry throughout her life, remembering that her followers are grieving and honoring her on social media with melancholic messages.

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Alice Parker: Who was She?

Alice Parker was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 16, 1925. Her full name was Stuart Alice Parker. The most recent News states that she passed away on December 24, 2023, at 98. She was a well-known American instructor, conductor, arranger, and composer. Gordon Parker and Mary Stuart are the names of her parents. Her mother established a firm selling plastic laminate, while her father operated a hardwood timber business.

She finished her schooling in 1947 after earning her degree from Smith College. She then graduated in 1949 with a master’s degree in choral directing. 1954 saw the marriage of Ms. Parker and Robert Pyle, a baritone with the Chorale. Her spouse passed away in 1976. Daughters Katherine Bryda, Mary Stejskal, and Elizabeth Pyle, and sons David and Timothy Pyle survive Ms. Parker. Some of Alice Parker’s books are provided to us; they are listed here.

  1. Pocket Crammer (1964) is the music.
  2. The Anatomy of Melody: A Study of the Song’s Single Line (2006)
  3. Original Hymn Vocals (1976)
  4. Melodic Accord: Joyful Chorus at Church (1991)
  5. The Answering Voice (2016): The Inception of Counterpoint

Alice Parker’s Death Cause and Obituary:

The music community was informed of the extremely sad News that 98-year-old American composer Alice Parker had gone away on December 24, 2023. According to her relatives, she had been ailing for a while but passed away on Sunday, December 24, 2023, from a heart attack. Upon learning of Alice Parker’s passing, her family is grieving and inconsolable. Her followers are paying her countless condolences on social media following her passing.

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