Man Allegedly Flees to Kenya after Killing Woman; Victim’s Body Found at Airport Garage

State police are in pursuit of a suspect believed to have fled to Kenya after allegedly being involved in the killing of a 31-year-old woman whose lifeless body was discovered in a parking garage at Boston Logan International Airport earlier this week.

In a press release issued by the Massachusetts State Police, on Wednesday, November 1, at approximately 6:30 p.m., troopers from the Logan Airport Barracks made the grim discovery of 31-year-old Margaret Mbitu, a resident of Whitman, who had been reported missing since Monday, October 30. Tragically, the evidence uncovered pointed to Mbitu being a victim of a homicide.

As per an arrest warrant acquired by WCVB-TV, authorities found Mbitu with facial and neck slash injuries, along with a puncture wound on her side. The vehicle in which her body was found also exhibited a significant amount of blood.

Mbitu, a nurse, was last seen leaving her workplace in Halifax, according to WCVB.

State police have identified 40-year-old Kevin Kangethe as the primary suspect. The available evidence strongly suggests that this was not a random act of violence as the suspect and victim were known to be in a relationship; however, the release does not provide specific details about the nature of her demise.

Investigators, in collaboration with Kenyan authorities, are actively engaged in locating Kangethe. Massachusetts State Police reported that Kangethe had purchased a plane ticket to Kenya and boarded a flight. The departure time of the suspect’s flight and the duration the vehicle remained in the garage have not been disclosed by law enforcement.

A warrant for Kangethe’s arrest has been issued by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and Massachusetts State Police, who are collaborating with Kenyan authorities to track down and apprehend him.”

Mbitu’s family had reported her missing on Monday, prompting an intensive search by the authorities, including the state police, the FBI, and the Massachusetts Port Authority, responsible for airport operations. CNN has made inquiries for further information.