Decoding Finn Wolfhard’s Relationships and Self-Expression

Finn Wolfhard, the Canadian star, has not publicly disclosed his sexual orientation, and there is no confirmation that he is gay or bisexual. Despite occasional rumors about his sexuality, the actor consistently refutes them. He maintains a private personal life and has not revealed details about his current romantic relationship.

What is Finn Wolfhard’s Sexual Orientation?

Finn Wolfhard has affirmed that he identifies as straight, clarifying that any perceptions from fans regarding his interactions were simply him being a supportive friend and a skilled actor. He has never been involved romantically with a man, underscoring his preference for romantic relationships with women.

The speculation surrounding his sexuality originated in 2017 when he portrayed Richie Tozier in the movie IT Chapter 1, a character romantically involved with his male best friend, Eddie, played by Jack Dylan Grazer. This portrayal stirred speculation among fans, leading some to assume he was gay and purposely keeping it private.

The rumors reached such heights that a coined term, “Fack,” emerged to describe the supposed romantic connection between Finn and Jack. Despite the stars addressing the speculations and asserting their friendship, doubts persisted among fans.

In the 2019 film “The Goldfinch,” Finn’s character was shown kissing his co-star Oakes Fegley, further fueling existing suspicions. When questioned about this in various interviews, Finn consistently evaded the inquiries, emphasizing his reluctance to divulge details about his personal life. He clarified that his on-screen actions were purely professional, cautioning against interpreting them as indicative of his sexual orientation.

Is Finn Wolfhard Bisexual?

Finn Wolfhard is not identified as bisexual. He has not publicly acknowledged such a label for himself, nor does he consider himself a part of the LGBT community. While he may be supportive of the movement and have friends within the community, he does not personally identify as bisexual.

His past and current relationships serve as evidence that he is not bisexual. Additionally, Finn is known for keeping his private life confidential and refraining from sharing extensive details with the public. Unless he explicitly discusses his sexuality, it is assumed that he is not bisexual but rather a highly versatile actor.

Is Finn Wolfhard Currently Dating?

Finn Wolfhard’s relationship status is currently unknown, as the actor has become more private about his personal life. Following his presumed separation from his last girlfriend, Elsie Ritcher, signs of their relationship, such as photos on social media, were removed, and public appearances together ceased.

Subsequent to his involvement with Ritcher, there have been no public sightings of Finn with a new romantic partner. It is speculated that he is presently single, and Elsie Ritcher, an actress, remains the only publicly known girlfriend of Finn Wolfhard.