Deadline Approaching for $3.6 Million Settlement in Spartan Mosquito Repellent Class Action

Time is running out with just four days left to submit a claim form and secure a payout from the $3.6 million class-action settlement involving Spartan Mosquito repellent.

The settlement stems from a lawsuit against AC2T, a Mississippi-based company and the manufacturer of Spartan Mosquito Eradicator. The agreement, reached earlier this year, addresses false advertising claims. To be eligible for compensation under the Spartan Mosquito Class Action Settlement, consumers must have purchased products like Spartan Mosquito Eradicator and Spartan Mosquito Pro Tech between December 21, 2016, and August 2, 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to claim your share!

Customers with an interest in participating must submit their claims by December 1, utilizing the online claim form available. Options for submission include mailing a claim form, with a postmark no later than the deadline, or completing the process online. The decisive moment awaits on December 4 when the New York Supreme Court for Kings County is scheduled to conduct a hearing to determine the final approval of the class-action settlement. This marks the last opportunity for individuals to engage in the resolution process and potentially benefit from the settlement.

Act now to ensure your claim is considered and be part of the final steps toward the resolution of this class-action settlement.

The total payout for consumers is contingent on various factors. Individuals without proof of purchase can file a claim and potentially receive up to $7 for each qualifying Spartan Mosquito repellent, limited to one per household. Those with documented proof of purchase, however, are eligible for a higher payout of $10 per household.

AC2T faced a class-action lawsuit based on allegations that its advertising, asserting a 15-day reduction in mosquito populations, was deceptive. Plaintiffs contended that the company misrepresented product performance, and the repellent did not live up to its advertised claims. While AC2T has not admitted wrongdoing, it opted for a settlement to resolve the lawsuit. This settlement provides consumers with an opportunity to seek compensation for their alleged false advertising claims.