Caught on Camera Sunny Isles Beach Woman Mistreating Son

A woman from Sunny Isles Beach, Florida, faces two felony child abuse charges after a neighbor reported a disturbing incident caught on doorbell camera footage. Yulia Storozhuk, aged 29, was seen in the video tossing and kicking her 3-year-old son in the hallway of her condominium building. The abuse reportedly occurred at her residence on North Bay Road when she became frustrated with the child’s behavior.

Law enforcement arrested Storozhuk in response to the neighbor’s report. Video evidence revealed her berating and physically mistreating her child. An investigating officer observed redness on the child’s right cheek and forehead, along with bruising on his right forearm and left knee. Scratches were also evident on his stomach and back.

Sunny Isles Beach police Chief Edward Santiago expressed his outrage, emphasizing that such behavior would not be tolerated. The Florida Department of Children and Families is conducting its own investigation.

Speaking through a Russian interpreter during a court appearance, Storozhuk explained that she and her son had recently relocated to South Florida to escape the conflict in Ukraine. She also mentioned working as a flight attendant and expressed love for her child while apologizing for her actions. She claimed it was an isolated incident driven by emotional distress.

The judge ordered that Storozhuk have no contact with her son and set her bond at $5,000. After spending time in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, she was released Wednesday evening, tearfully expressing remorse and a commitment to change.