Arrest in Fatal Stabbing of Nat King Cole’s Great-Nephew in Georgia

A man from Georgia has been arrested in connection with the homicide of Tracy Cole, the great-nephew of the renowned singer and jazz pianist, Nat King Cole, according to the police.

Tracy Cole was fatally stabbed in Atlanta on September 14, and despite medical efforts, the 31-year-old succumbed to his injuries. Authorities have placed murder, aggravated assault, and armed robbery charges against Ricardo Gayle, aged 41, who was apprehended during a traffic stop on a Saturday.

It has been revealed that Gayle and the victim were acquainted with each other. Tracy Cole was the grandson of Freddy Cole, one of Nat King Cole’s three brothers. The jazz legend Nat King Cole passed away in 1965, and Freddy Cole, a celebrated jazz vocalist and pianist, was later inducted into the Georgia Hall of Fame.

As of now, there is no response from the Office of the Public Defender in Atlanta, and it remains uncertain whether Gayle has retained a private attorney. Jail records do not indicate legal representation, and attempts to contact a family member for potential comments on behalf of Gayle have been unsuccessful.