A Deep Dive into Life and Relationships of Natalie Krill

Hollywood lacked a truly supportive LGBT film until April Mullen’s release of “Below Her Mouth” in 2016, propelling Canadian dancer and actress Natalie Krill into a new spotlight. The provocative lesbian film, where Natalie portrayed the character Jasmine, the passionate partner of Swedish model Erika Linder, sparked curiosity about her sexual orientation. However, this controversy became a stepping stone to greater fame.

A Deep Dive into Life and Relationships of Natalie Krill
A Deep Dive into Life and Relationships of Natalie Krill

Before “Below Her Mouth,” Natalie gained recognition for her roles in the hockey-based TV drama “MVP” (2008) and as Alex Kendrick in the fantasy drama “The Listener” (2014). Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1983, to Rose Krill, Natalie displayed her passion for performing arts from a young age. Encouraged by her mother, she explored theater and dance, specializing in ballet, tap, and jazz by the age of six.

Natalie Krill pursued professional training in the performing arts at the Canadian Film Centre Actors Conservatory in Toronto. During her time in Toronto, she also showcased her talents as a cheerleader for the Toronto Blue Jays dance team J-Cru and the Phantasy Girls dance team.

In 2001, she marked her debut as Lorraine Fleming in the Broadway musical concert “42nd Street” staged in Moscow, Russia. The same year, she participated in the renowned dance tour “Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story” at the Royal Alexandra Theatre.

Natalie’s film career commenced with a supporting role in the 2005 Disney Channel film “Shrugs,” followed by another supporting role in the 2006 film “Hollywoodland.” The year 2010 proved significant for Krill, as she secured six roles in various film and television series, including “Turn the Beat,” “Covert Affairs,” “Camp 13,” “Rookie Blue,” “The Ron James Show,” and “Casino Jack.”

Subsequently, Natalie continued to thrive in the entertainment industry, appearing in diverse productions such as “Suits” (2012), “Have Hope” (2012), “Make Your Train” (2013), and more. In 2014, she took on prominent roles in TV series like “The Listener” and “The Next Step,” where her dancing abilities were showcased. In 2016, her starring role in April Mullen’s independent film “Under Her Mouth” catapulted her to greater fame, followed by appearances in “Molly’s Game” (2017) and the post-apocalyptic road movie “SuperGrid” (2018).

Is Natalie Krill married or in a relationship?

Speculation about Krill’s sexual orientation arose, with some assuming she is a lesbian following her portrayal of one in the provocative 2016 film. Contrary to rumors about a real-life relationship with her co-star Erika Linder, Natalie revealed she has a boyfriend. Although she hasn’t publicly discussed him, her social media posts tell a different story. Sharing photos with her boyfriend, Daniel Kannimae, on Instagram, it’s evident they started dating in late 2016, though details about their relationship’s trajectory remain undisclosed. The couple’s future plans, whether engagement, marriage, or casual enjoyment, are yet to be revealed.