41 Years Later Arrest Made in Indiana Cold Case Killing of 24-Year-Old

Law enforcement officers arrested a 61-year-old man on Tuesday, exactly 41 years after he allegedly shot and killed a 24-year-old man in Indiana, according to officials.

Ronald J. Anderson stands accused of shooting Clifford Smith in the head on October 31, 1982, as stated by the Indiana State Police. Smith’s wife reported him missing on November 4, and his lifeless body was discovered by two animal trappers in rural Jackson County on December 1 of the same year.

The case has been under investigation by the police over the years, with successive officers reviewing the evidence as time passed.

In the announcement of the arrest, officials stated, “The Indiana State Police is committed to solving previously unsolved cases, providing closure to the family, and ensuring the arrest and prosecution of those responsible for these crimes.”

Sergeant Kip Main commenced an active investigation into the case in September 2015, according to the police. Kip’s findings indicated that Anderson and Smith were present at a residence, along with several others, late at night on October 30, 1982. The investigation unveiled that Anderson took a shotgun from the house, loaded it, and left the residence with Smith while still in possession of the loaded firearm.

To allegedly cover up the murder, Anderson reportedly returned the gun to the house and concealed potential evidence at the crime scene, officials stated.

Officials mentioned that they had previously interviewed Anderson, including shortly after Smith’s death. The charges against Anderson were primarily filed at this time due to a new detective reexamining the case, conducting fresh interviews, and reviewing previously collected evidence.

A police spokesperson declined to share information about a possible motive.

Anderson was arrested without incident at his Seymour, Indiana residence on Tuesday and was subsequently transported to the Jackson County Jail.