Why Nicolas Cage’s New Movie Renfield Reminds Him of His Last Vampire Movie? Here’s Why!

Nicolas Cage is back with a new vampire movie titled “Renfield,” and the actor has revealed that his latest role reminds him of his previous vampire movie “Vampire’s Kiss,” Fox News reported.

Nicolas Cage's New Movie
Nicolas Cage’s New Movie Renfield Reminds Him of His Last Vampire Movie, Vampire’s Kiss. (PHOTO: The Nerd Stash)

Nicolas Cage’s New Movie

In a recent interview, Cage shared his experience of eating cockroaches for “Vampire’s Kiss” and how his co-star Nicholas Hoult went a step further by eating a potato bug for “Renfield.”

During the interview, the two actors discussed their experiences of eating bugs on set. While Cage expressed his reluctance to eat insects ever again, Hoult found his bug-eating experience quite pleasant.

In “Renfield,” Hoult plays the role of R.M. Renfield, Dracula’s vampire servant who gains strength by consuming insects. The movie is a horror-comedy that also stars Awkwafina, Ben Schwartz, and Brandon Scott Jones.

Despite his experience, Cage believes that eating insects could solve world starvation, given that they are high in protein and nutrients. However, he acknowledged that overcoming the fear of eating bugs is a challenge.

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Nicolas Cage’s New Movie Plot

The plot of “Renfield” revolves around Hoult’s character being forced to serve Dracula by procuring his prey and fulfilling his every wish while trying to break free from the shadows of his master.

In conclusion, Nicolas Cage’s new movie “Renfield” promises to be an exciting watch for fans of the horror-comedy genre. Cage’s past experiences in “Vampire’s Kiss” have added to the anticipation of his portrayal of Count Dracula in the upcoming film. The insect-eating experiences of Cage and Hoult during the movie’s filming are just one of the many intriguing details that fans can expect to see in “Renfield.”

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