Texas House Transportation Committee Passes Bill Banning Paper License Tags!

The Texas House Transportation Committee has approved a bill that would ban the use of paper temporary license plates across the state, replacing them with metal ones. The move comes as law enforcement officials report widespread issues with fraudulent paper tags being sold illegally online. Drivers who can’t pass inspection or don’t have insurance often purchase these fake plates, according to officials. The switch to metal plates is aimed at curbing this problem.

Texas House Transportation Committee Passes Bill Banning Paper License Tags!
Texas House Transportation Committee passes bill banning paper license tags! (PHOTO: KTSM 9 News)

Texas House Transportation Committee Passes Bill, Bans Paper License Tags

According to Dallas Observer, Democrat Sen. Royce West and Fort Worth Republican Rep. Craig Goldman have filed identical bills, Senate Bill 2567 and House Bill 718, respectively, to eliminate fraudulent paper license plates in Texas. At the committee meeting, Goldman said that if the bill passes, the law would not be implemented for another two years.

The implementation of the law after two years of its passing will provide enough time for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and dealerships across the state to adapt to the change.

Goldman also stated that law enforcement agencies across the state have expressed concerns about fake paper tags, which prompted him to file the bill. The DMV had previously released new paper tags to tackle the problem, but fraudsters were still able to produce fake ones. The Texas House Transportation Committee’s unanimous decision to approve the bill signals a positive step in eliminating these fake paper tags from the state.

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Texas Motorists Safety

The ban on paper temporary license plates is essential to protect the safety of Texas motorists and to prevent fraudulent activity that puts them at risk. It is also a measure that will help law enforcement agencies better enforce traffic laws and improve public safety.

The decision to switch to metal plates is an important one, and although it won’t be implemented immediately, it will give the DMV and dealerships time to adjust to the change. The unanimous approval of the bill by the Texas House Transportation Committee is a clear indication that lawmakers are committed to protecting Texas motorists from the risks associated with fake paper tags.

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